…some nailbinding again – my finished nailbinded and embroidered hat :D

2018-03-23 - Racaire - my favorite nailbinded and embroidered hat - SCA - nailbinding - hand embroidery - old craft - old technique - A&S - SCA arts and scienceMy nailbinded and embroidered hat is finally finished! *happydance* And you can tell that it is my absolute favorite as I am wearing my new nailbinded and embroidered hat nearly every day for several hours. 😀

And before you ask – no, my sweetheart doesn’t object to it as he knows that I am always at least a little bit cold. Everyone who has met me during cold weather can tell that staying warm is definitely one of the main objectives of my life. But that’s not only because the cold makes me feel uncomfortable. No, it’s far more than that. Being cold is normally followed by being ill and I really don’t enjoy being ill. Therefore I rather stay warm and cosy and healthy! 🙂 Continue reading

Needle books with 14th century inspired Fleur-de-Lis embroidery worked in Klosterstich

Racaire - hand sewn needle books with 16th century inspired Fleur-de-Lis embroidery worked in medieval embroidery technique - KlosterstichMy recent 4day trip to Barcelona as well as the postings about my favorite Barcelona photos were a nice possibility to take a short break from my ongoing embroidery projects. This is one of my favorite ways to restore my energy and inspiration for new projects and postings.

But now it is definitely time to get back to my embroidery projects and my embroidery related postings with renewed power. And I am very glad to say that I just finished two hand sewn needle books with 14th century inspired Fleur-de-Lis Klosterstich embroidery. 🙂

2014 - Racaire - medieval embroidery, hand embroidery - Klosterstich and chain stitch - needle book

You maybe remember my recent posting with the sneak peek at the 14th century inspired Fleur-de-Lis embroidery in Klosterstich. As you can see on the picture on the left, I finally found the time to turn this 14th century inspired Fleur-de-Lis embroidery into small needle books.

They look so cute that I was really tempted to keep them for myself but I already have a needle roll and a needle book which mean quite a lot to me. Therefore I will add them to my “Travel & Largesse Fund”. Well, this was anyway my initial plan for them… 😉

You might not believe it but this needle books are rather easy to make. Some of the steps concerning the creation process are very similar to the steps which I already described in my “Craft with Racaireneedle roll tutorial“. But more about this in one of my next postings about this embroidery project.

However, todays focus is on the finished needle books and I took several photos of the needle books for you – enjoy! 😀

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More German Brick Stitch embroidery – Needle Roll 2 & 3 finished :D

Racaire - German Brick Stitch - Needle Roll 2 & 3 finished

You maybe remember my first “Craft with Racaire” project #1. The needle roll tutorial with German Brick Stitch embroidery which I recently posted.

I was very pleased with my new German Brick Stitch pattern and the finished embroidery for the first needle roll. Furthermore I also tremendously enjoyed working with the beautiful new silk/wool thread I just got from the yarn shop.

Like always, this are more then enough great reasons for me to became playful and creative. This time I decided to play around with my German Brick Stitch pattern #2 and to try out two new pattern ideas I had on my mind. The German Brick Stitch pattern #2 is already a simplified version of my German Brick Stitch pattern #1 and both new pattern ideas are based on this simplified German Brick Stitch pattern #2.

Though I just finished the embroidery for my 14th century French pouch commission, I was not able to proceed with the assembling of the pouch before I had all needed materials together, pre-washed and ironed. Preparing the materials for the pouch commission, I wanted to work at some embroidery. That was the moment when I remembered that I had some embroidery – well, this German Brick Stitch embroidery – still waiting to be turned into needle rolls and I decided to get back to this embroidered bands and to assemble the needle rolls…

…and like always, I have some pictures for you – enjoy! 😀

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Craft with Racaire – Project #1 – Step 5.1 – finishing – last work at the padding :)


You maybe remember that we added some padding and I don’t really like the idea of “free” padding which can move – therefore lets do some finishing to restrict this freedom 😉

Ok, I admit it, this are just some extra stitches to get rid of the last thread I have on the needle and to keep the padding in place. As you can see on the picture above, I just continue with sewing. Continue reading