…some nailbinding again – my finished nailbinded and embroidered hat :D

2018-03-23 - Racaire - my favorite nailbinded and embroidered hat - SCA - nailbinding - hand embroidery - old craft - old technique - A&S - SCA arts and scienceMy nailbinded and embroidered hat is finally finished! *happydance* And you can tell that it is my absolute favorite as I am wearing my new nailbinded and embroidered hat nearly every day for several hours. 😀

And before you ask – no, my sweetheart doesn’t object to it as he knows that I am always at least a little bit cold. Everyone who has met me during cold weather can tell that staying warm is definitely one of the main objectives of my life. But that’s not only because the cold makes me feel uncomfortable. No, it’s far more than that. Being cold is normally followed by being ill and I really don’t enjoy being ill. Therefore I rather stay warm and cosy and healthy! 🙂 Continue reading

My new black 12th century fillet with white silk embroidery! :D

2016-10 - Racaire and Gloria at Coronation - new black 12th century fillet - 12th century headwear - SCA - silk embroideryGloria, my dear mother-in-law, took a lovely selfie of us both at the most recent SCA event – Coronation. This cute selfie allows me to finally show you my most recent 12th century project “in use”:

My new black 12th century fillet
with white silk embroidery! 😀

How come? Well, after completing my new grey/black 12th century dress, I longed for a slightly different 12th century headgear than my ‘normal’ red silk fillet with pearl embroidery. And as the making of a new fillet does not take very long, I decided to simply make a fillet that matched at least one of the colors of my new dress…

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SCA Heavy Fighting – my new embroidered arming coat / gambeson is finished! :)

2016-07 - Racaire - my first embroidered arming coat / gambesonWooohooo! My new, embroidered arming coat is finally finished! …and yeah, I have photos to prove it!

But first things first! The last week was really intense. All week long I was working like crazy at a special knighting “scroll” due to a very short deadline. I even worked my nights through to make sure that I am able to finish the “scroll” in time. Though my sweetheart might have missed snuggling with me at night, he was very understanding and supportive – thank you hon! I love you! 😀

And finally all the hard work and back pain paid off as I just finished the last details! And damn, it looks pretty amazing if I may say so…

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SCA Heavy Fighting – some embroidery for my arming coat / gambeson :)

2016-07 - Racaire - arming coat - embroidery - SCA - chain stitch embellishment - hand embroideryAfter adding all the eyelets and buttonholes, I took a look at my finished arming coat. Well, what shall I say – it looked nice but also very plain and boring! And I definitely don’t like to look plain or boring in my new arming coat!

Therefore I decided to extend my work at the arming coat project by adding some nice embellishment. And the easiest way for me to add some “bling” is to add some embroidery! Well, why not, some embroidery will definitely not hurt my arming coat… 😉

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My husbands christmas gift – a grey light-wool 12th century tunic – how to imitate a woven band for bottom embellishment… :)

2015-12-Racaire-Conrads-12th-century-tunic-grey-light-wool-tunic_how to imitate a woven bandYes, you read it right, todays posting is about “how to imitate a woven band for bottom embellishment” (of a tunic). 🙂

I guess that many of you never expected that I would say this one time, but sometimes special projects will come along for which a very simple embroidered embellishment can actually be the best choice. Especially when you decide to decorate a garment without taking the focus off of the main “star” – which in this case happens to be the tablet woven band I used for the neckline and the cuffs.

But before we take a closer look at my take on “how to imitate a woven band” with embroidery, I would like to share a thought about the connection of imitation and embroidery with you…

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My new “Meridian Cross Cyclas” – a Manesse inspired 14th century cyclas / sideless surcote .1 – the appliqué embroidery

2015-11_Racaire_Meridian-Cross_CyclasYeah, it’s true and no typo – I made a 14th century cylas / sideless surcote for me! Or how I call the newest addition to my wardrobe: my 14th century “Meridian Cross Cyclas”! 😀

How come? Well, while I was living in the kingdom of Drachenwald – the SCA group covering Europe, the middle East and South Africa – I wasn’t able to make it to many SCA events. Not that I didn’t want to but quite many of the events were out of my budget due to the required travel to the location in a rather far away country like Sweden, Finland, UK,… Therefore my normal event count per year was about 1 to maximal 5 events per year.

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My pink 14th century hood with long liripipe & decorative chain stitch embroidery – revisited

2015-07 - Racaire - my pink 14th century hood with long liripipe and decorative chain stitch hand embroidery - medieval embroideryAnd now, that I already started my new 14th century hood project for a friend – about which I told you yesterday – I would like to take the chance and tell you a little bit more about my other 14th century hood projects.

As some of you might remember, I already revisited my 14th century hood with daggings, long liripipe and decorative chain stitch embroidery project last year. This 14th century hood was my favorite hood until I decided to give it away to a very nice friend whom I met at an SCA event in England – at Rhaglan.

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And more nailbinding – a nailbinded headband with embroidery

… and even more nailbinding for you today – a nailbinded and embroidered headband! 😀

2014 - Racaire - And more nailbinding - a nailbinded headband with embroidery

Before I started working at the nailbinded cap, about which I posted yesterday, I finished this nailbinded headband with embroidery which you can see at the picture above.
A headband like this is a great finger exercise. 🙂

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Modern Nailbinding / Nadelbinden – a new project and old projects revisited :)

On my birthday I decided to have some fun and to do something I haven’t done for quite a long time. Therefore I took one of my nailbinding needles and had some fun with turning some wool into a new cap… 🙂

Racaire - modern Nailbinding - Nadelbinden

I always find it very relaxing when I am working at a nailbinding project. Some of you might not be familiar with this great technique by now but nailbinding is an ancient technique which is much older than crotchet or knitting. It is an interesting technique that is worth at least a try. Well, however, that this is an old technique doesn’t mean that we can’t give it a modern touch. 🙂

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Needle books with 14th century inspired Fleur-de-Lis embroidery worked in Klosterstich

Racaire - hand sewn needle books with 16th century inspired Fleur-de-Lis embroidery worked in medieval embroidery technique - KlosterstichMy recent 4day trip to Barcelona as well as the postings about my favorite Barcelona photos were a nice possibility to take a short break from my ongoing embroidery projects. This is one of my favorite ways to restore my energy and inspiration for new projects and postings.

But now it is definitely time to get back to my embroidery projects and my embroidery related postings with renewed power. And I am very glad to say that I just finished two hand sewn needle books with 14th century inspired Fleur-de-Lis Klosterstich embroidery. 🙂

2014 - Racaire - medieval embroidery, hand embroidery - Klosterstich and chain stitch - needle book

You maybe remember my recent posting with the sneak peek at the 14th century inspired Fleur-de-Lis embroidery in Klosterstich. As you can see on the picture on the left, I finally found the time to turn this 14th century inspired Fleur-de-Lis embroidery into small needle books.

They look so cute that I was really tempted to keep them for myself but I already have a needle roll and a needle book which mean quite a lot to me. Therefore I will add them to my “Travel & Largesse Fund”. Well, this was anyway my initial plan for them… 😉

You might not believe it but this needle books are rather easy to make. Some of the steps concerning the creation process are very similar to the steps which I already described in my “Craft with Racaireneedle roll tutorial“. But more about this in one of my next postings about this embroidery project.

However, todays focus is on the finished needle books and I took several photos of the needle books for you – enjoy! 😀

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