My pink 14th century hood with long liripipe & decorative chain stitch embroidery – revisited

2015-07 - Racaire - my pink 14th century hood with long liripipe and decorative chain stitch hand embroidery - medieval embroideryAnd now, that I already started my new 14th century hood project for a friend – about which I told you yesterday – I would like to take the chance and tell you a little bit more about my other 14th century hood projects.

As some of you might remember, I already revisited my 14th century hood with daggings, long liripipe and decorative chain stitch embroidery project last year. This 14th century hood was my favorite hood until I decided to give it away to a very nice friend whom I met at an SCA event in England – at Rhaglan.

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Craft with Racaire – Project #2 – Step 1.1 – Hand sewing stitches: Running Stitch & more thoughts about hand sewing

Craft with Racaire – Project #2 – Pouch #1 - Step 1.1 - Hand sewing stitches: Running Stitch

In my opinion it is important to know the basics to be good in something. To know the basics enables creativity and the ability to create lovely things.

Even if the focus is on medieval hand embroidery, it doesn’t hurt to look into the basics of hand sewing if you don’t want to spend the rest of your life creating wallhangings… but well, even for that you would need some basic hand sewing techniques if you don’t want a wallhanging with untreated edges… 😉

But let me share a nice little secret with you – the stitches for hand sewing are rather easy and can be found in the same form or a very similar form also in the medieval embroidery.

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Useful Embroidery Books for Beginners

Racaire in front of the Schnütgen Museum in Köln (Cologne)/Germany

Racaire in front of the “Schnütgen Museum” in Köln (Cologne)/Germany

Now I have this lovely and nearly empty “virgin” blog in front of me and the blog postings of more than 8.5 years – about 2.300 postings “behind me”. This count includes many book reviews as you can imagine. I can really draw on plentiful resources and I am willing to do take advantage of it. 😉

During the last 14 years I bought many books about embroidery, historical costuming, medieval art, calligraphy, museum catalogues,… – just to mention a few. And since I started blogging in April 2005, I reviewed several of them.

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