My new “Meridian Cross Cyclas” – a Manesse inspired 14th century cyclas / sideless surcote .1 – the appliqué embroidery

2015-11_Racaire_Meridian-Cross_CyclasYeah, it’s true and no typo – I made a 14th century cylas / sideless surcote for me! Or how I call the newest addition to my wardrobe: my 14th century “Meridian Cross Cyclas”! 😀

How come? Well, while I was living in the kingdom of Drachenwald – the SCA group covering Europe, the middle East and South Africa – I wasn’t able to make it to many SCA events. Not that I didn’t want to but quite many of the events were out of my budget due to the required travel to the location in a rather far away country like Sweden, Finland, UK,… Therefore my normal event count per year was about 1 to maximal 5 events per year.

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My pink 14th century hood with long liripipe & decorative chain stitch embroidery – revisited

2015-07 - Racaire - my pink 14th century hood with long liripipe and decorative chain stitch hand embroidery - medieval embroideryAnd now, that I already started my new 14th century hood project for a friend – about which I told you yesterday – I would like to take the chance and tell you a little bit more about my other 14th century hood projects.

As some of you might remember, I already revisited my 14th century hood with daggings, long liripipe and decorative chain stitch embroidery project last year. This 14th century hood was my favorite hood until I decided to give it away to a very nice friend whom I met at an SCA event in England – at Rhaglan.

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