14th century inspired Klosterstich rose – turning a medieval inspired embroidery into a lid for a reliquary box .3 – working at the border embellishment

2015-03 - Racaire - Klosterstich roseAnd today I will show you how I added the border embellishment to the lid of my reliquary box with the 14th century inspired Klosterstich embroidery. 🙂

So far we had several postings showing the progress of the 14th century inspired Klosterstich rose embroidery, one posting about how I mounted the Klosterstich embroidery on the base for the reliquary lid and also one posting of how I added the silk to the backside of the lid

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Useful Embroidery Books for Beginners

Racaire in front of the Schnütgen Museum in Köln (Cologne)/Germany

Racaire in front of the “Schnütgen Museum” in Köln (Cologne)/Germany

Now I have this lovely and nearly empty “virgin” blog in front of me and the blog postings of more than 8.5 years – about 2.300 postings “behind me”. This count includes many book reviews as you can imagine. I can really draw on plentiful resources and I am willing to do take advantage of it. 😉

During the last 14 years I bought many books about embroidery, historical costuming, medieval art, calligraphy, museum catalogues,… – just to mention a few. And since I started blogging in April 2005, I reviewed several of them.

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