…working at my 5th tablet woven band :)

2017-04 - Racaire - tablet weaving - tablet woven band for my husbands tunic - SCA - medieval weaving techniquesAs you can see at the picture on the right, I started working at another tablet woven band. My 5th tablet woven band, to be exact. 😉

Tablet weaving is a very welcome break for me as it keeps my hands busy and allows me to recharge my batteries after the most recent scroll (King’s champion, Rose Tourney & my husbands knighting scroll & vigil book page) and embroidery projects. Though I am still fairly new to this craft, I feel great when I rotate the cards and witness their magic as the pattern develops with every turn I make. I really love how this technique gives my mind the opportunity to simply relax and to think about past and future projects.

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12th century belt for my 12th century wedding dress – metal embellishment – bezants .1

2015-12_Racaire_12th-century-belt_1I am very excited about the great progress I made during the last days concerning my very first 12th century belt project. 😀

And it makes me even happier that the new charger for my tablet arrived just in time to charge my tablet again and to take pictures of my next steps for this project.

Sure, I still have plenty pictures of my husbands christmas gift left – the 12th century tunic with the blue dalmatica inspired neckline – which I haven’t posted yet. But I just can’t hide my happiness about my new 12th century belt project and simply have to share the new progress concerning my actual project with you. However, I promise that I will soon post about the remaining steps of the 12th century tunic project and how I made the neckline.
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My husbands christmas gift – a grey light-wool 12th century tunic – how to imitate a woven band for bottom embellishment

2015-12-Racaire-Conrads-12th-century-tunic-grey-light-wool-tunic_how to imitate a woven bandYes, you read it right, todays posting is about “how to imitate a woven band for bottom embellishment” (of a tunic). 🙂

I guess that many of you never expected that I would say this one time, but sometimes special projects will come along for which a very simple embroidered embellishment can actually be the best choice. Especially when you decide to decorate a garment without taking the focus off of the main “star” – which in this case happens to be the tablet woven band I used for the neckline and the cuffs.

But before we take a closer look at my take on “how to imitate a woven band” with embroidery, I would like to share a thought about the connection of imitation and embroidery with you…

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My 12th century white silk underdress .3 – revisited – more about my decorated silk buttons

2015-11 - Racaire - 12th century underdress - white silk - hand sewn - decorated buttonsAnd after the last two postings about my 12th century white silk underdress, there is actually just one last major work step of this project left which I haven’t shown you yet.

Yes, you are right, it is time to take a closer look at how I created the decorated silk buttons for the Trapunto style keyhole neckline of my 12th century white silk underdress. 🙂

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White 14th century XL hood for a friends Pelican elevation – embroidery .3 – how I created the embroidered knight belt patches .1

2015.08 - Racaire - Sams 14th century XL elevation hood - 14th century hood - embroidered knight belts - appliqué embroidery - medieval embroidery - SCAI hope you enjoyed yesterdays short calligraphy sidestep as I am now moving on to the next step of the embroidery for the 14th century XL hood project for my friends Pelican elevation at the Meridian Grand Tournament:

How I created the
embroidered knight belt patches

Though the embroidered knight belts might look rather simple, as you can see them at the picture on the left, they still demanded a lot of thought, time and stitches. But well, you know, I like challenges and this combined Order of the Chivalry and Pelican patches were definitely a very interesting personal challenge for me as I normally rarely do appliqué embroidery.
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14th century inspired Klosterstich rose – turning a medieval inspired embroidery into a lid for a reliquary box .3 – working at the border embellishment

2015-03 - Racaire - Klosterstich roseAnd today I will show you how I added the border embellishment to the lid of my reliquary box with the 14th century inspired Klosterstich embroidery. 🙂

So far we had several postings showing the progress of the 14th century inspired Klosterstich rose embroidery, one posting about how I mounted the Klosterstich embroidery on the base for the reliquary lid and also one posting of how I added the silk to the backside of the lid

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14th century inspired Klosterstich rose – turning a medieval inspired embroidery into a lid for a reliquary box .1

2015-03 - Racaire - Klosterstich rose

I already prepared my rolling frame for a new medieval inspired embroidery project.
But before I tell you more about my new project, I would like to show you the small side project at which I was working during the last days… 🙂

You might remember the 14th century inspired Klosterstich rose embroidery which I  recently finished. I started this small project in order to take pictures for my “Klosterstich hands on tutorial” which you can find here:
– “…Part 1 – how to start your Klosterstich embroidery“
– “…Part 2 – how I do my Klosterstich embroidery

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14th century French Pouch .1 – sneak peek progress .23 – sewing the pouch together .1 :)

Racaire - medieval embroidery - projects 2014 - hand embroideryMaybe some of you remember my 14th century French pouch commission. And I have great news concerning this project – I managed to finish the pouch and it was delivered in time to surprise a beautiful lady on Valentines day.

And during the recent down time of my blog I found some time to sit down and go through the pictures on my tablet…

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Craft with Racaire – Project 2 – fast and easy pouch tutorial – Step 4.1 – Pouch drawstring & how to attach a tassel to the drawstring :D

Craft with Racaire – Project 2 – fast and easy pouch tutorial – Tassels & pouch drawstringI am very excited! After all the detailed photo tutorials for this project, we finally reached the very last step of the fast and easy pouch tutorial.

…and yes, also this posting is again about tassels. They are (and will always be) one of my favorite medieval embellishments – especially when it comes to embroidered pouches. 😀

How I made the tassels for the bottom of the pouch was already the topic of the last posting. In the following photo tutorial you can read about the handling of the drawstrings for this pouch. In addition you will also see how I attached the tassel securely to the drawstring.

Todays motto is:
“Pouch drawstring & how to attach a tassel to the drawstring”

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Craft with Racaire – Project 2 – fast and easy pouch tutorial – Step 4 – Tassels, Tassels, Tassels! :D

Tassels, tassels, tassels!

Craft with Racaire – Project 2 – fast and easy pouch tutorial – TasselsYes, I know, that looks like I really like tassels.
But well, no, that’s not true.
I don’t like them – I love them! 😉

Finally, after finishing the last hand sewing stitches for the fast and easy pouch, we reached the endspurt phase of this tutorial! Today we can at long last start with what I consider the fun part – with the embellishments!

Thinking of my projects of the last years, it really seems like I am suffering from a natural weakness when it comes to fancy adornments.
I just can’t resist to produce more and more of this embroidered buttons, tassels, fringes and all this other cute and fancy adornments. But it doesn’t stop with making them, I also tend to add this adornments wherever it is possible… *lol*

 Craft with Racaire – fast and easy pouch tutorial – finished hand made tassel

Though this weakness might be difficult to endure for my family, I have to say that I can live very well with it. Just my sweetheart is suffering a little bit from it. He definitely forbid me to lay my hands on his tent.

Well, I really think that I can easily resist to paint his tent. But I am looking forward to decorate it with as many wall hangings, pillows, bead spreads,… as I am able to produce… *lol* Yes, this is a promise and a threat at the same time. 😉

Ok, enough funny personal anecdotes for today, let’s continue with the fun part of the fast and easy pouch tutorial:

Todays motto is:
“Tassels, Tassels, Tassels!”

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