12th century belt for my 12th century wedding dress :)

2015-12_Racaire_12th-century-belt_1I recently managed to finish nearly all of the hand-sewing for my 12th century wedding dress. And after looking at some pictures showing period 12th century clothing, the thought in me arose that it would be really lovely to also have a nice 12th century belt for my 12th century dress ensemble.

I have never made a fabric belt for my 12th century wardrobe before but well, I think there is a first time for everything – it would be boring otherwise, wouldn’t it… 😉

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Surface couching embroidery – how I made the 12th century Agincourt Heart for Bella’s elevation garment

Surface couching embroidery - how I made the 12th century Agincourt Heart for Bella's elevation garmentI will be very busy and away from my computer for the next days, therefore I thought that you might enjoy some of the progress pictures which I took while I was working at the 12th century Agincourt heart for Bella’s elevation garment.

As some of you might have already noticed, I am very keen on medieval and especially 12th century surface couching embroidery. And today’s progress pictures will give you a nice glimpse at the “2:1 surface couching” embroidery technique which I used for Bella’s 12th century Agincourt heart.

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14th century French Pouch .1 – sneak peek progress .23 – sewing the pouch together .1 :)

Racaire - medieval embroidery - projects 2014 - hand embroideryMaybe some of you remember my 14th century French pouch commission. And I have great news concerning this project – I managed to finish the pouch and it was delivered in time to surprise a beautiful lady on Valentines day.

And during the recent down time of my blog I found some time to sit down and go through the pictures on my tablet…

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