…my medieval islamic inspired embroidery project – the embroidery .1

Yes, I know, I was quite silent recently. But I had a very good reason for my break as I’ve been working like crazy on a fitted 12th century silk bliaut (dress) for the future Queen of the Kingdom of Meridies.

…and like always – when it comes to special projects like these – the time frame for completion is very limited. The bliaut has to be finished before the upcoming coronation event – preferably sooner than later. However, you find me relatively relaxed as I already made some great progress. Her silk underdress is already finished as well as a good part of the bliaut. I am quite optimistic that I can get nearly everything finished for her second and last fitting at MGT – the Meridian Grand Tournament. Where I hopefully only have to adjust the bottom line of the skirt part. And this is only possible thanks to a dear friend of mine – Mistress Catelin The Wanderer. Catelin was so kind to embroider the embellishment parts of the dress.

Now you might wonder why I am using the embroidery of someone else and don’t do it myself. Well, I am quite fast when it comes to sewing or embroidery. However, a rather complex project like this – a closely fitted 12th century silk bliaut & underdress and elaborate embroidery is just more than one person on their own can handle in such a short time frame. 

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White 14th century XL hood for a friends Pelican elevation – embroidery .2 – appliqué border embellishment – a proper finish for my surface couching embroidery

2015-08_Racaire_Sams_14th-century-XL-elevation-hood_surface-couchingNow, that I finally caught up with most of my housework and am able to enjoy a rather clean home again, I am back at my computer again and ready to also catch up with the most recent progress of the 14th century XL hood project for my friends Pelican elevation.

Therefore I checked my last posting about the embroidery for the hood as well as the pictures on my tablet and found some photos concerning the surface couching embroidery for the appliqué border embellishment I haven’t posted yet.

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Surface couching embroidery – how I made the 12th century Agincourt Heart for Bella’s elevation garment

Surface couching embroidery - how I made the 12th century Agincourt Heart for Bella's elevation garmentI will be very busy and away from my computer for the next days, therefore I thought that you might enjoy some of the progress pictures which I took while I was working at the 12th century Agincourt heart for Bella’s elevation garment.

As some of you might have already noticed, I am very keen on medieval and especially 12th century surface couching embroidery. And today’s progress pictures will give you a nice glimpse at the “2:1 surface couching” embroidery technique which I used for Bella’s 12th century Agincourt heart.

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My 12th century embroidery for my sister Bella – an agincourt heart for her elevation garment

Two days ago I already posted a sneak peek at the 12th century embroidery progress for Bella’s elevation garment. And today I have a picture of the finished 12th century agincourt heart embroidery for you. 😀

My 12th century embroidery for Bella - an agincourt heart for her elevation garment

I am very happy that my sister Bella will be introduced to the SCA Order of the Laurel soon. Though I can’t attend the event where this will take place, sending her an 12th century embroidery – an agincourt heart – makes me feel like at least a part of me will be with her at this very special day…

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Sneak peek at my 12th century agincourt heart embroidery progress for Bella

Sneak peek at my 12th century agincourt heart embroidery progress for Bella - Racaire - medieval embroidery - projects 2014 - hand embroidery*omg* I can’t believe that I nearly missed it! But now I am busy working at my 12th century agincourt heart embroidery for my sister Bella. 🙂

I anyway needed a short embroidery break after yesterday, spending most of my day behind the computer working at my next posting… A one day deadline is not much but I am sure I can make a beautiful 12th century agincourt heart embroidery for my sister. 😀

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