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My 12th century embroidery for my sister Bella – an agincourt heart for her elevation garment

Two days ago I already posted a sneak peek at the 12th century embroidery progress for Bella’s elevation garment. And today I have a picture of the finished 12th century agincourt heart embroidery for you. 😀

My 12th century embroidery for Bella - an agincourt heart for her elevation garment

I am very happy that my sister Bella will be introduced to the SCA Order of the Laurel soon. Though I can’t attend the event where this will take place, sending her an 12th century embroidery – an agincourt heart – makes me feel like at least a part of me will be with her at this very special day…

My 12th century embroidery contribution for her elevation garment – the agincourt heart – is already on it’s way to my sister. I hope my 12th century embroidery will arrive safe in Bella’s hands and on time before the elevation that she has enough time left to attach it. 🙂

And like always, I have a close up picture of my embroidery for you – enjoy! 😀


Though it might not look like much embroidery to you, this embroidery involves many small stitches with fine silk thread. The “twisted gold thread” has always been rather difficult to handle but I am used to working with it. It still took me a whole day to attach the thread in heart form to the fabric.


I hope my sister Bella likes my 12th century embroidery for her elevation garment. As soon as my posting about my fitted and hand sewn woolen stockings is complete and posted, I can show you some close up photos of this 12th century embroidery project… 🙂

Best regards Racaire