…another tablet woven band finished!

2018-03 - Racaire - tablet woven band - card woven trim - tablet weaving - card weaving - SCA - medieval weaving techniques - Kingdom of MeridiesWooohooo! I finished another tablet woven band! And this time I even added black glass beads to it while I was weaving it! *happydance*

Well, it seems like I made enough tablet woven bands during the last months that I finally gave up on counting them. However, if I had to make an educated guess, I would say this band is number 10(+something). 😀

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…and my 7th tablet woven band is finished :D

2017-06 - Racaire - tablet woven band number 7 - tablet weaving - card weaving - sca - tunic embellishment - Pienomenaisia - small applesies - Applesies and fox noses - finnish tabletwoven bandsWooohooo! I just finished my 7th tablet woven band! *veryhappydance*

The pattern I chose for my new tablet woven band is not very complicated but it looks really great and I like it. The purple and the yellow work so much better together than I initially anticipated. This band definitely makes a great addition to my tablet woven band stash for future tunic sewing projects for my sweetheart.
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…and my 6th tablet woven band is finished :D

2017-05 - Racaire - 6th tablet woven band - tablet weaving - SCA - fine crooked knees with small applesies - tunic decorationWooohooo! I finished my 6th tablet woven band! *happy dance*

“Hienoja koukkupolvia pienomenaisten kanssa” / “Fine crooked knees with small applesies” is definitely the most difficult pattern from the book “Applesies and Fox Noses – Finished Tabletwoven Bands” which I tried so far. As I am still rather new to the tablet weaving technique, I just started to discover the slightly more difficult patterns. Yeah, I am not longer “just” rotating all cards forward or backward… 😉

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My 5th tablet woven band is finished… :D

2017-05 - Racaire - tablet weaving - tablet woven band for my husbands tunic - SCA - medieval weaving techniquesWooohooo! I just finished my 5th tablet woven band! đŸ˜€

Though the last days were quite busy for me, I didn’t give up on my most recent tablet weaving project. Every day, whenever I sat down on the couch, I took my weaving frame and worked for at least 30 minutes on my tablet woven band. And finally it paid off! My new tablet woven band is finished!

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…working at my 5th tablet woven band :)

2017-04 - Racaire - tablet weaving - tablet woven band for my husbands tunic - SCA - medieval weaving techniquesAs you can see at the picture on the right, I started working at another tablet woven band. My 5th tablet woven band, to be exact. 😉

Tablet weaving is a very welcome break for me as it keeps my hands busy and allows me to recharge my batteries after the most recent scroll (King’s champion, Rose Tourney & my husbands knighting scroll & vigil book page) and embroidery projects. Though I am still fairly new to this craft, I feel great when I rotate the cards and witness their magic as the pattern develops with every turn I make. I really love how this technique gives my mind the opportunity to simply relax and to think about past and future projects.

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Just made some new tablet weaving cards for future tablet weaving… a cheap and easy way… :D

2016-12 - Racaire - new home made cards for tablet weaving - tablet weaving cards - SCA - hand woven trimWoohooo! I just made my very first tablet weaving cards! And now I have 54 new tablet weaving cards to play with! 😀

Well, not that I really need all these tablet weaving cards right now but I suddenly felt the urge to make some. It all started while I was working at my husbands christmas present – a new 12th century tunic. I suddenly worried that I might not have a suitable tablet woven trim to embellish my sweethearts new tunic…

Fortunately I found a lovely tablet woven trim in my stash which worked beautifully with the lovely raw silk fabric of the new tunic. However, I also noticed that my stash of tablet woven trim was growing smaller and smaller with every new tunic project for my husband. And as I just recently realized, while I was working at the black and white tablet woven band for my new silk garters, I only had a very limited amount of cards to work with.

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12th century tunic for my husband – the finished 12th century neckline

My husbands christmas gift - a grey light-wool 12th century tunic – 12th century necklineIn my last posting – “12th century tunic for my husband – 12th century neckline inspired by the “blue Dalmatika” & “white Alba” – I showed you my period inspiration for the 12th century neckline for my husbands new tunic. And today I am going to show you the finished 12th century neckline.

Well, it took a while and quite some thinking but eventually I figured the cut out and made a good fitting 12th century neckline. This part of the 12th century tunic project was definitely not easy as I also wanted to incorporate a tablet woven band I made myself. Unfortunately tablet woven bands only stretch little and make it therefore not easy to be applied along round edges…
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My 4th tablet woven band & a great book about tablet weaving… :)

2016-04 - Racaire - tabletweaving - tablet woven band - tabletwoven bandAnd here a sneak peek at my 4th tablet woven band.

Ok, I admit it, this tablet woven band is not the best looking one I have created till now but I think that it still looks good enough to use it as an embellishment for one of my future hand-sewing projects. Looking back at my very last tablet woven band for which I used some good quality silk threads, I guess that the not so appealing look of my new tablet woven band has more to do with the thread I used for the weaving (some Polyester “wool” thread) rather than my actual skill.

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My third tablet woven band – my very first garters!

After all the recent sneak peek pictures of my tabletweaving and how I turned my tabletwoven band into my very first garters, I finally managed to take some pictures of me wearing my very first selfmade silk garters!2016-04 - Racaire - silk garters finished - tabletweaving - blue tight stockings - embroidery

Well, my garters might appear quite simple, if you neglect the rather petite pattern of the silk band, but they really don’t need to be very fancy to do their job – to hold up my hand-sewn stockings! And I really love them! Especially as they now allow me to also wear my blue hand-sewn and embroidered stockings.  😀
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My third tablet woven band – making my very first garters…

2016-04 - Racaire - 2nd tablet woven band - silk gartersI recently finished my third tablet woven band and as I had no definite plan for its use yet, I decided to make something that is still missing from my wardrobe – garters for my beloved stockings! Woohoo! 😀

Well, yes, many people consider garters a quite essential accessory for a medieval wardrobe but my favorite red stockings are so very tightly fitted that they normally stay up by themselves and without any problems. Therefore I never really saw the immediate necessity to make some garters for myself. Though I have to admit that I was – from time to time – thinking that it would be nice to own a pair of garters myself as they look really spiffy. Continue reading