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My third tablet woven band – my very first garters!

After all the recent sneak peek pictures of my tabletweaving and how I turned my tabletwoven band into my very first garters, I finally managed to take some pictures of me wearing my very first selfmade silk garters!2016-04 - Racaire - silk garters finished - tabletweaving - blue tight stockings - embroidery

Well, my garters might appear quite simple, if you neglect the rather petite pattern of the silk band, but they really don’t need to be very fancy to do their job – to hold up my hand-sewn stockings! And I really love them! Especially as they now allow me to also wear my blue hand-sewn and embroidered stockings.  😀

Yes, I admit it – I kinda completely forgot that I made this blue wool stockings as I don’t wear them very often. The blue wool which I used for this stockings has unfortunately the tendency to stretch quite a bit while I wear them and therefore they don’t stay up by themselves like my very tightly fitted red stockings made from Merino wool.

However, with my new silk garters this will become a problem of the past. Now my new silk garters will help to keep my blue wool stockings up and I will be able to wear them comfortably and more often… 😀

And now let’s take a closer look at my new silk garters – enjoy! 😀


Well, as I mentioned in my last posting, I only had some simple washer my sweetheart organized for me on his way home but they work quite fine. Nevertheless I will look out for some sturdy but less bulky looking rings for future garter projects when I do my next trip to the local craft stores.

Btw. some people actually prefer to use buckles instead of rings. I my opinion the choice between buckles and rings is a matter of personal taste and what material you use for your garters. Buckles are a great choice if you make garters from a leather band but I, personally, don’t see much sense in making eyelets into a woven band as rings do the same job without the need to “damage” the tabletwoven band.

And here a picture of the simple knot which I use to fasten my garters for those of you who are not familiar with it:


This knot might look very simple but it is all one needs to keep the garters in place the whole day long. 

And here a close up of the ring, the tablet woven band and a sneak peek at my embroidered stocking:

2016-04_Racaire_garters1_tabletweaving_03As you can see on the picture above, I used a very simple embroidery stitch for the embroidery of my blue stockings – Stem Stitch. Stem Stitch, like Chain Stitch, is a great and very simple stitch which works great for plain patterns like this one. With just a little practice this stitch can be easily done without an embroidery frame and best of all – it can be executed very fast. All you need to focus on is the stitch length and the tension of the thread. 

But enough about my very first silk garter project – tomorrow I’ll show you a sneak peek at my 4th tablet woven band… Well, it seems like I am doing much better when it comes to very small patterns and silk than thick polyester wool thread but I wanted to try it again and had the thread on hand – but more about it tomorrow… 🙂

Best regards Racaire