My third tablet woven band – my very first garters!

After all the recent sneak peek pictures of my tabletweaving and how I turned my tabletwoven band into my very first garters, I finally managed to take some pictures of me wearing my very first selfmade silk garters!2016-04 - Racaire - silk garters finished - tabletweaving - blue tight stockings - embroidery

Well, my garters might appear quite simple, if you neglect the rather petite pattern of the silk band, but they really don’t need to be very fancy to do their job – to hold up my hand-sewn stockings! And I really love them! Especially as they now allow me to also wear my blue hand-sewn and embroidered stockings.  😀
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My third tablet woven band – making my very first garters…

2016-04 - Racaire - 2nd tablet woven band - silk gartersI recently finished my third tablet woven band and as I had no definite plan for its use yet, I decided to make something that is still missing from my wardrobe – garters for my beloved stockings! Woohoo! 😀

Well, yes, many people consider garters a quite essential accessory for a medieval wardrobe but my favorite red stockings are so very tightly fitted that they normally stay up by themselves and without any problems. Therefore I never really saw the immediate necessity to make some garters for myself. Though I have to admit that I was – from time to time – thinking that it would be nice to own a pair of garters myself as they look really spiffy. Continue reading