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    My 5th tablet woven band is finished… :D

    Wooohooo! I just finished my 5th tablet woven band! 😀 Though the last days were quite busy for me, I didn’t give up on my most recent tablet weaving project. Every day, whenever I sat down on the couch, I took my weaving frame and worked for at least 30 minutes on my tablet woven band. And finally it paid off! My new tablet woven band is finished!

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    …working at my 5th tablet woven band :)

    As you can see at the picture on the right, I started working at another tablet woven band. My 5th tablet woven band, to be exact. 😉 Tablet weaving is a very welcome break for me as it keeps my hands busy and allows me to recharge my batteries after the most recent scroll (King’s champion, Rose Tourney & my husbands knighting scroll & vigil book page) and embroidery projects. Though I am still fairly new to this craft, I feel great when I rotate the cards and witness their magic as the pattern develops with every turn I make. I really love how this technique gives my mind the opportunity to simply relax…