My husbands christmas gift – a grey light-wool 12th century tunic – how to imitate a woven band for bottom embellishment… :)

2015-12-Racaire-Conrads-12th-century-tunic-grey-light-wool-tunic_how to imitate a woven bandYes, you read it right, todays posting is about “how to imitate a woven band for bottom embellishment” (of a tunic). 🙂

I guess that many of you never expected that I would say this one time, but sometimes special projects will come along for which a very simple embroidered embellishment can actually be the best choice. Especially when you decide to decorate a garment without taking the focus off of the main “star” – which in this case happens to be the tablet woven band I used for the neckline and the cuffs.

But before we take a closer look at my take on “how to imitate a woven band” with embroidery, I would like to share a thought about the connection of imitation and embroidery with you…

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