Projects - Nailbinding

…some nailbinding again… .1

2018-02-13_Racaire_nailbinding_blue-grey-hood…and here is some more progress concerning my most recent nailbinding project – a nailbinded grey and blue hood. 🙂

I didn’t have much time to work on my projects recently but I still try to achieve a little bit of progress every day. Nevertheless, I think that I won’t be able to finish the hood before the winter is over but I don’t mind as there is always another winter to come. 😉

Nailbinding is such a great technique – especially if one has just little time for it. I can put my nailbinding down at any time and then pick it up again and proceed whenever and wherever I like.

With just some practice the repetitive nailbinding moves can be worked very fast. To me the movement feels very natural and furthermore it also has a very soothing effect on my mind and mood. Sometimes it even feels like I am doing a magic trick. Though I am simply moving my needle and am pulling the thread through, I am still able to achieve a quite distinct looking pattern. And if I hadn’t to look up the loops of the previous row, in order to connect the new row with the old one, I bet I could do the nailbinding moves even in the dark or blindfolded… 😉 *lol*

And here is a picture of the nailbinding progress till now:


If you take a look at the nailbinded part above the needle, you can see that there is a quite clear change in the nailbinding direction. After starting my cap and already working on the 2nd and 3rd row I grew more and more unhappy with the fit of the hood. Though I thought at first that I’d prefer the hood to be quite snug, I decided that it was actually far too snug for my taste. After adding some more lines and many more stitches to enlarge the band, the new and now wider part felt much more comfortable. Therefore I decided to simply turn the hood around and to add the top part to the former bottom – and voila – it fits now! It’s really amazing how simple the solution to a problem like this can be.

Now I am thinking about adding a little bit more to the hood than just a wider opening and a top part. As it just happened, one of the members of the nailbinding group on facebook shared a very nice and interesting way to add side parts for the ears which I would love to try for myself. Until now I always worked my added side parts parallel to the main parts as you can see here:  “My secret last-minute nailbinding hood commission – finished & delivered“. Then I finished this rows off with one or two final end rows going over the whole bottom edge. I never actually thought about adding a long new band at both sides which can be as long and as wide as one wishes and requires far less effort than the technique I used till now. You can kinda imagine it as a “T” shaped part added at the bottom at both sides of the hood. I am sure that you will immediately understand what I mean when you see the finished hood.

…but enough about nailbinding – as I call it – for today. I hope I will be able to show you the end result in just a few days so I can go back to my other projects. 🙂

Best regards Racaire

Btw. if you are interested into the nailbinding technique I am using, you can find a short step by step tutorial here: “A secret last-minute nailbinding commission & a short photo tutorial…