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Craft with Racaire – Project #2 – fast and easy pouch tutorial

Craft with Racaire - Project 2 - fast and easy pouch tutorial

The final result of my second project for
“Craft with Racaire” – Fast and easy pouch tutorial

Welcome to my fast and easy pouch tutorial. This detailed step by step tutorial shows how I make my hand sewn fast and easy pouch by using several medieval techniques.

The fast and easy pouch tutorial includes special practical information concerning hand sewing techniques as well as a step by step photo tutorial for tassels.

Following you will find a short list of all detailed step by step photo tutorials and in-depth postings for this hand sewn fast and easy pouch tutorial available for the Premium users of my blog. Enjoy! 😀

Summary of all links & content for
“Craft with Racaire” – Project #2 – Fast and easy pouch:

  • 1st step & posting: “Fast and easy pouch tutorial & how to work with “rapports”

    This posting explains how to calculate the needed fabric for the easy pouch tutorial. I also added some extra information: “how to work with rapports” (repeating patterns).
    1.1 Hand sewing stitches: Running Stitch…
    This posting is an in-depth description of the first and most basic hand-sewing stitch you will need for this tutorial – the Running Stitch.
    1.2 Hand sewing stitches: Back Stitch (and Stem Stitch)…
    Another in-depth description of a basic and helpful hand-sewing stitch you will need for this technique – the Back Stitch.

  • 2nd step & posting: Hand sewing the sides

    Here you can find a detailed step-by-step photo tutorial about how I hand sew the sides of the “fast and easy pouch”. It includes all important basic steps for this process including the pinning, how to start with the sewing, how to secure your thread from slipping,…
    2.1 Hand sewing the sides: Hand sewing the corners
    Another detailed step-by-step photo tutorial that shows you how to hand sew the nice pointy pouch corners of your fast and easy pouch.
    2.2 Hand sewing the sides: How to start a new thread & hide it…
    Here you can see how I start a new thread while I am working at a seam finishing and how I hide the beginning of the new thread as well as the end of the old thread inside the seam.

Craft with Racaire - Project 2 - fast and easy pouch tutorial

* You can find an example of Chain Stitch used for a medieval inspired embroidery project here: 14th century hood with daggings, long liripipe & decorative chain stitch embroidery

Best regards Racaire