Craft with Racaire – Project 2 – fast and easy pouch tutorial – Step 2.2 – hand sewing – how to start a new thread & hide it…

Craft with Racaire – Project 2 – fast and easy pouch tutorial – Step 2.2 – hand sewing - how to start a new thread...Some time ago I learned from some of my friends that several of my hand sewing & embroidery steps are rather new and unknown to others. Even if I consider this techniques very basic and elemental. I always try to keep that in mind while I am working at my projects.

This is the main reason why I also try to document my “very basic” steps by taking as many useful photos as possible for you.

Recently I took some detail photos of a very basic hand sewing technique I use very often. This detail photos will show you how to start a new thread and how to hide it in a seam.

This posting is especially devoted to all the hand sewing newbies among you. Some of you might have already figured this technique out by yourself. If you haven’t till now, then please follow me and join me on another hand sewing journey.
…and if you like, you can already practice this very basic technique while you are working at step 2 of our “Craft with Racaire” project – “hand sewing the sides“. 🙂

Todays motto is:
“Hand sewing – how to start a new thread & how to hide it in the seam”

And now to the second hint concerning the second step – “hand sewing the sides” – of our second “Craft with Racaire” project – the fast and easy pouch tutorial.

Btw. I used this very basic technique shown in the following photo tutorial several times myself while I was working at the side seams of the “fast and easy pouch” as well as for my 12th century silk dress and many other hand sewing projects…

The photos with the hand sewing stitches worked in a rather thick thread on this raw material allow me to show you the used techniques much better than if I would work them with fine silk thread on thin silk fabric. This tutorial as well as the other hand sewing tutorials I posted till now – or which will post in the future – show techniques which can be also used on much finer materials. You just need to adjust the used materials as well as the seize of your stitches.

…and now lets start with our new detailed photo tutorial – enjoy! 😀

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I hope you enjoyed this new photo tutorial. 😀

Best regards Racaire

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