Interesting Links – inspiration for a 10th century SCA knighting scroll and more…

2013_racaire_2It appears somehow funny and also really amazing to me how Fortuna works from time to time… *lol*

Yesterday I was talking about a very special scroll commission for a SCA peerage scroll. About a 10th century SCA knighting scroll for the upcoming knighting ceremony of a friend – btw. my very first peerage scroll! 🙂

…and today I already run into an inspiration for it…

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Museum visit: Vienna 1450 – The Master of Lichtenstein Castle

Tickets Belvedere 2014_02

I finally made it to the exhibition
“Der Meister von Schloss Lichtenstein und seine Zeit”

In English: The Master of Lichtenstein Castle and his time.

The “Belvedere”  started this exhibition at the 08th of November last year and this weekend, at the 23rd of February, this exhibition will close its doors again. I am so glad that I managed to get there and to see the exhibition shortly before it ends again.

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