Hood / fencing mask hood cover – reversible – black & brown / green


Reversible hood / SCA fencing mask hood cover, lined with green cotton canvas for extra safety. Hood is completely reversible and can be custom printed.

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Reversible hood / fencing mask hood cover
Fabric: lined with green cotton canvas for added safety
Made in Crestview, Florida, USA

This reversible fencing mask hood cover can also be worn on its own as a hood with either side out. The hood can be embellished with a custom print on the cotton canvas side. If you’d like a custom print please contact me for further details before placing the order.

The picture shows the hood on the fencing mask of my husband which is a XL mask from Zen Warrior Armory with a measurement of ca. 31.25 in measured along the border of the fencing mask (see picture). It should fit even better on smaller fencing masks. If you have a fencing mask with a different measurement and would like a fencing mask hood cover please contact me for a custom made hood cover.

All seams of the hood were reinforced. All used fabrics were pre-washed. The hood is lined with cotton canvas for extra safety when used for fencing.

Btw. we also have other fencing related items in our repertoire like fencing soft parries!


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