Scriptorium – my secret 12th century scroll project – Duchess scroll .2

2017-09- Racaire - Duchess Rhiannon - 12th century scroll project - SCA scrolls - awards - Kingdom of Meridies - Duchess scroll

12th century Ducchess scroll for Rhiannon of the Isle. Photo copyright Ellen DeLacey 09.2017

It took a little to prepare the photos of my most recent 12th century Duchess scroll for Rhiannon of the Isle for my blog. However, all is good now, as I finally fullfilled my promise by preparing and uploading all detail photos of her Duchy scroll.

Yes, I admit it. I had to remind myself several times about this photos and was quite concerned that I might forget to post them after all. Unfortunatelly my mind sometimes tends to jump from one project to the next. Often this makes it quite difficult for me to focus on certain projects, especially the ones which I already consider finished. Yes, in cases like these my brain simply wants to move on to the next project. However, I still try to better myself by posting more often. I hope that it might help me to keep up with documenting the fast progress of my countless projects…

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Scriptorium – my 12th century inspired knighting scroll & vigil book page for my husband :)

2017-04 - Racaire - Conrads 12th century inspired knighting scroll - SCA - Kingdom of Meridies - Order of Chivalry - peerage scrollAnd finally – last but not least – the 12th century inspired knighting scroll and vigil book page which I made for my husband’s knighting at Gulf Wars!

Well, as you might already know, I consider the 12th century the one “true century”. However, I have to admit that I awfully neglected my beloved century when it comes to calligraphy and scrolls. Therefore I made the creation of his 12th century knighting scroll my very personal mission. And yes, I even learned two new styles for it. 😀
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Scriptorium – Kail’s viking knighting scroll – definitely not your normal knighting scroll…

2016-09 - Racaire - Kail's viking knighting scroll - SCA knighting scroll - runes - ravens - vikingI already mentioned in my previous postings that I was working on a very special scroll and here it is:

The viking knighting scroll for
Kaðall Viðarsson.

…and yes, before you ask, it is indeed a painted woodcut. Though the term “scroll” might actually not really apply here, it served all purposes of a scroll at a recent SCA event. Therefore I am quite inclined to keep on using the term “scroll”.

But actually the name of this finished project doesn’t really matter. The recipient, Kail, who got surprised with this scroll at his vigil, told me that he really loves his viking knighting scroll. And this makes me very happy as I am quite proud of the end result myself. However, I still find it hard to believe that I managed to accomplish this very special task so successfully.

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Scriptorium – Sir Hrothgar’s knighting scroll – given out at the Meridian Grand Tournament

2014-10 - Racaire - Hrothgars knighting scroll - SCA scroll - Calligraphy

Today I proudly present to you the very first knighting scroll I ever made. The knighting scroll was made for Hrothgar’s knighting and was given to him at the Meridian Grand Tournament event last weekend. 😀

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Scriptorium – sneak peek at the knighting scroll for Meridian Grand Tournament

2014 - calligraphy - SCA - knighting scroll*Wooohooo* Right in time I finally completed my calligraphy commission – a knighting scroll for the SCA event “Meridian Grand Tournament”. 😀

Yes, I know, I mentioned this knighting scroll commission very often during the last days. But I was also thinking a lot about it – especially about the final scroll design for it…

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Interesting Links – inspiration for a 10th century SCA knighting scroll and more…

2013_racaire_2It appears somehow funny and also really amazing to me how Fortuna works from time to time… *lol*

Yesterday I was talking about a very special scroll commission for a SCA peerage scroll. About a 10th century SCA knighting scroll for the upcoming knighting ceremony of a friend – btw. my very first peerage scroll! 🙂

…and today I already run into an inspiration for it…

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