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Scriptorium – sneak peek at the knighting scroll for Meridian Grand Tournament

2014 - calligraphy - SCA - knighting scroll*Wooohooo* Right in time I finally completed my calligraphy commission – a knighting scroll for the SCA event “Meridian Grand Tournament”. 😀

Yes, I know, I mentioned this knighting scroll commission very often during the last days. But I was also thinking a lot about it – especially about the final scroll design for it…

And yesterday I finally had a nice idea for a scroll design. It came along with the feeling that I just found the right design for the knighting scroll. This feeling finally gave me a nice inner peace concerning this special project and I was able to sit down and start working at it. Yes, I trust my gut feeling – not every time but ever more often. 🙂

Unfortunately, like the pages with calligraphy for the vigil book, I can’t show you the whole finished knighting scroll before the actual knighting ceremony this weekend. But I have some small sneak peek pictures for you to give you a raw impression of the knighting scroll. Enjoy! 😀 


As you can see on the pictures above and underneath, I decided to use my favorite calligraphy hand – Bastarda / Batarde – for this scroll. You can find and download my “calligraphy cheating sheets” for the Bastarda calligraphy style here: Scriptorium

I know that the recipient of this scroll has a 10th century persona. But I also know that he likes my scroll work and that he requested a scroll in “my style”. Therefore I decided to fulfill his wish and do a knighting scroll in my “usual” Batarde hand instead of trying to create a scroll in a 10th century scroll – a style which I haven’t tried yet.


You can still see my pencil strokes for the calligraphy on the sneak peek photos above and underneath. After taking this pictures I took my eraser and carefully removed them. 🙂

…and now a small sneak peek at some of the scroll “embellishments”.


He already received several other SCA awards which I tried to incorporate in the top part of my calligraphy. On the picture above you can see the sign for his argent shield award (on the left), his Meridian comet award (in the middle) and his Meridian cross award (on the right).


I hope you like my sneak peek pictures of the knighting scroll. I will post pictures of the whole knighting scroll and the vigil book after the knighting ceremony at the SCA event “Meridian Grand Tournament” this weekend. 😀

Best regards Racaire