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Scriptorium – …and the “Rose Tournament” scroll goes to Louis LeCoffrier.. :D

2017-03 - Racaire - Gulf Wars - rose tourney winner - rose tournament scroll - SCA…and the “Rose Tournament” scroll goes to:

Louis LeCoffrier!

He fought very skillful and chivalrous for Queen Kateryn from the Middle Kingdom in the Rose Tournament at Gulf Wars and won! 

Hearty congratulation to Queen Kateryn & Louis, her victorious fighter! Louis, thank you very much, it was truly a pleasure to watch you fight! 😀

And now lets take a look at some more pictures. After the tournament was over, the roses (former queens of our society) gathered together and our lovely Queen Oda gratulated the victor of the Rose Tournament:


…and presented the scroll for the winner of the Rose Tournament:


After the scroll was presented, my work began and I added the name of Louis and Queen Kateryn, the rose who inspired him throughout the tournament. Unfortunately he had to wait for quite some time as the ink didn’t really want to dry due to the rather cold temperatures. But even the most reluctant ink dries eventually and I was able to reassemble the frame after some time. Then I handed the framed scroll on to Louis, who seemed to be quite happy with it:


Seeing the smile on his face once again, I think that the scroll is going to a very loving home – I am quite sure that it will get a very good place in its new home. 😀

And apropos scroll – here is a look at the finished scroll with the name of the winner of the Rose Tournament, Louis, and his inspiration, Queen Kateryn, filled in:


More pictures concerning the progress of this scroll can be found here:

Btw. if you would like to see more pictures of the Rose Tournament, you can find all my pictures taken at the Rose Tournament here: SCA – Kingdom of Gleann Abhann – Gulf Wars 03.2017

Well, as you can see, I am slowly catching up on the last weeks. However, I still have two more projects to post about like the super secret embroidery project I was working on before Gulf Wars (the 13th century middle eastern inspired OVO pouch for Gloria, my mother in law, about which I can finally speak as the secret was literally killing me *lol*) and the painted viking scroll for the Kings champion who was chosen at coronation…

Well, yes, one step after another… Though with all the things I am constantly working on, I might never be able to really catch up… But I will keep on trying… 😉

I wish you a wonderful weekend. Stay tuned my friends! 🙂

Best regards Racaire