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Coronation of Bryce & Rhiannon – the photos are online… :D

…and we are back again from another amazing SCA event:
the Coronation of Bryce and Rhiannon!

2017-04_Racaire - coronation Bryce and Rhiannon - SCA - Kingdom of Meridies - photos

…and here are two of the first pictures of the new King and Queen of the Kingdom of Meridies!  

2017-04_Racaire - coronation Bryce and Rhiannon - SCA - Kingdom of Meridies - photos

Ok, I am a little bit biased as Rhiannon and the other awesome lords and ladies of the Dragons Or encampment made my very first Gulf Wars so very special and I have loved them all ever since… but, hey, I really think that Our Royal Majesties look awesome. 😀

…and apropos awesome – Barthelemy and Oda (the former king and queen of Meridies) stepped down with a wonderful Harry Potter inspired plot! I loved it and enjoyed it tremendously! Well, I understand that this might seem odd to some of you – I was also a little bit sceptic when I heard about it for the very first time. But after seeing it irl for the very first time, I immediately loved this meridian tradition – it definitely makes coronation so much more interesting and exciting! 😀

…but to cut to the chase – I promised you some photos taken at the coronation event and you can find them here on facebook:

Coronation of Bryce and Rhiannon

A little bit more over 660 photos but there was so much I took pictures of – Barthelemy & Oda stepped down as king and queen, the elevation of my dear friend Wu to the order of the pelican and last but not least the coronation of Bryce and Rhiannon… Yes, it was a quite busy weekend but totally worth the long ride and the memories will be cherished. 😀

And before I get back to doing my event laundry and putting away more of our stuff, some facts about this recent event: Coronation took place at Camp Liberty (Battleground, Alabama) this very last weekend (March 31st – April 2nd, 2017) and was hosted by the Shire of Glynn Rhe (website link, facebook link)

Best regards Racaire