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Gulf Wars photos online… :D

2017-03 - Racaire - photos taken at Gulf Wars 2017Wooohooo!
My photos taken at Gulf Wars are online! 

…and you can find them at my facebook page:

SCA – Kingdom of Gleann Abhann – Gulf Wars 03.2017
SCA – Kingdom of Gleann Abhann – Gulf Wars 03.2017 – part 2

It took quite some time to work my way through the Gulf Wars aftermath. I spent hours looking through and uploading photos taken at the event, doing the laundry, unpacking, getting the tent canvas laid out to dry and… and… and… But, well, after a week of “war” this was just a small price for all the fun we had. 😀

And though you might think that this all was quite enough to keep me busy, I was also working at another scroll which I promised to deliver at the upcoming coronation event this weekend. Well, the scroll for coronation is nearly finished and the last pile of “Gulf Wars laundry” just made it into the washing machine – which gives me a nice moment of peace to sit down and to let you know that I uploaded my Gulf War photos… 🙂

Ok, well, it seems like my short break is over and I have to head back to my laundry, dinner preparation and some final scroll work… However, I will try to catch up on all the things I want to post about in just a bit. Stay tuned my friends! 😀
Best regards Racaire