Linen bandana with octopus print – black/red


Triangle shape linen octopus bandana made from lovely black midweight 100% linen with red octopus print. Handprinted in red with my handcut octopus stamp. Ready to wear & machine washable!

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This special linen bandana was made from lovely 100% linen and can be used in many different & creative ways! The bandana can be worn year round as a headcover or headband to style your hair, wrapped around your wrist, as neck cover or whatever your creativity comes up with! The linen fabric is new, pre-washed & machine washable!

I printed this lovely linen bandana by hand using an octopus stamp which I carved myself. This octopus is a mixture of a late medieval octopus as depicted in a 16th century manuscript as well as a little bit of modern & ancient Minoan inspiration.


Linen bandana with octopus print – black/red
Triangle shape, short sides are about 33 inch long
Fabric: 100% linen, midweight, pre-washed
Machine-washable & can be ironed on linen setting
Made in Crestview, Florida, USA


Please keep in mind that photos sometimes can’t display the true colors. Every print is slightly different and unique due to the handprinting process and the natural fibers of the fabric.


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