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Back from Gulf Wars!!!! :D

*Wooohooo* I am back from Gulf Wars!

As awesome as Gulf Wars was, it is indeed great to be back home. Several days of camping is always a good reminder how great the luxury of a modern bathroom is. A bathroom which one only has to share with ones sweetheart… 

And after the cold snap during most of Gulf Wars, I now tremendously enjoy our modern heating system at home. Damn, that where some really cold nights but we made the best out of it. Garb layering was tested until it was deemed sufficient and it seemed like everyone pulled out their best furs in order to keep warm. And then there were all this wonderful camp fires around which we gathered. Many tales were told around the fire pits and also many songs were sung. I am quite sure that I am not the only one who made a lot of new amazing friends while warming up at a fire pit.

And it is also a good reminder that the weather at Gulf Wars can be quite diverse. I think that I really need much more warm clothing for the future! Especially more woolen overdresses like my 14th century sideless cyclas with the ‘Meridian Cross” appliqué, which kept me beautifully warm throughout the most of the cold snap at Gulf Wars –  maybe a 12th century version this time with the cross of the order of St. Lazarus. Furthermore I even might pack some of my beloved vintage furs which I got from my grandmother for future events and which I completely forgot about until I saw all the beautiful furs at the event. 😀

Ok, well, before I give you a full war report here, I have to remind myself that I just did want to let you know that we made it home safely. I have tons of pictures of the event already uploaded to my computer and hope that I can go through most of them today and upload them to my facebook account ‘Racaire’s Embroidery & Needlework‘ as soon as possible. Furthermore my secret project – a pouch with middle eastern 13th century embroidery for Gloria, my beloved mother in law, who was elevated into the Order of the Velvet Owl right before my husband was elevated into the Order of the Chivalry – is not secret anymore and I will try to post about it asap soon. And I can tell you, Gloria really didn’t see it coming, it was a great surprise, as it should be… 😀

Please keep your fingers crossed that my head cold will not get worse so I can get everything done soon, including unloading our van and going through countless piles of laundry… But damn, head cold or not, it was soooooooo worth it! 😀

Best regards Racaire