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Back from Gulf Wars XXV…

racaire-conrad-03Home, sweet home! As much as I enjoyed Gulf Wars XXV, I have to say that it is really nice to be home again. 😀

Due to a very strong storm – it seems like even a microburst might had been involved which touched down very close to the site – we decided to leave the site two days early on friday. Fortunately no one on site was really injured though some people had to face the loss of their tent or equipment. My love and heart goes out to them.

I am very glad to say that my husband and I were very lucky – our tent did very well during the storm. And though most of our things were dripping wet afterwards due to the water amounts which flooded our tent, we still consider ourself very lucky. However, Gulf Wars was and always will be our most favorite event.

The storm itself was quite scary but we didn’t really have the time to worry about it as we were all fighting united to keep the great pavilion of our encampment up. I think it is true – situations like this bring the best in people to the surface and the companionship during as well as after the storm reminded me why I love the SCA so dearly.

But let’s talk about more pleasing things – I was at the Women’s Fighter Symposium and finally started to fight again after my break of 4 years. It was not easy to get into it again but I tremendously enjoyed it and even more important – I learned a lot. The best of all was that I got to try out my new leg armor on which I was desperately sewing during the week before the event – it fits like a second skin and I love it!

Furthermore I also competed in the A&S Champions Faire for my beloved kingdom – the Kingdom of Meridies – and am glad to say that my 14th century “Weiberlisten” wall hanging was very well received. Due to the storm we unfortunately don’t know if my project was able to score a warpoint for my kingdom as the results haven’t been announced before we left.

And now I am slowly transitioning back into our mundane life – working through all the dirty laundry, cleaning everything and looking forward to write the next posting about my 12th century belt project… 🙂
Best regards Racaire