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My pre-Gulf Wars 12th century sewing projects… :)

2016-03 - Racaire - 12th century dresses for Gulf WarsNow, that the pre-war stress, which normally comes along with the preparations for a huge event like Gulf Wars, is finally fading away, I find myself with enough peace and time again to catch up with my pre-war projects like this three “last minute” 12th century dresses.

Well, to be a little bit more exact – I hand-sewed a new purple 12th century overdress (the one on the left) as well as two new underdresses with Trapunto necklines and Trapunto cuffs before Gulf Wars.

Based on the amount of time hand sewing actually takes, this three 12th century dress projects were literally “last minute” projects before the war. I really needed to stock up on clothing for Gulf Wars as I didn’t have enough clothing for a week long event. And even with this new three dress added to my wardrobe – I still need to add some more dresses in the future to be able to make it comfortable through such a long event.


As you can see at the picture above, I focussed primarily on comfort and relative simplicity. However, I couldn’t abstain from adding some small extras like big maunches for the over dress or a Trapunto neckline and cuffs to the underdresses…

And now let’s take a sneak peek at this “last minute” 12th century clothing projects… – enjoy! 😀


Above you can see all three new 12th century dresses and the picture underneath shows the big maunches I made for my new purple overdress.

Though it might not be quite evident on the picture, this maunches are a good deal bigger than any other ones I made till now. I was playing around with this idea for quite some time – especially after seeing a photo of my beautiful sister Ezabella in an awesome 12th century dress with rather big maunches – and just had to give it a try!


And it really paid off – the sleeves look really beautiful when I wear the dress! But for now you have to take my word for it as I unfortunately don’t have a photo of me wearing this dress yet. But as soon as the weather allows it and my husband is at home, I will try to get some good photos in natural sunlight to show you the maunches “in action”.

Btw. I just started another new 12th century overdress project with even bigger maunches. This new maunches are executed in a different cut which I wanted to try out for some time.

Though my new dress is far from being completed, I will take some pictures of my new sewing project in the next days to show you the new maunch cut I am trying out now. And then I can also tell you a little bit more about how I “construct”/cut my maunches with as little waste as possible – a technique I learned from my awesome and very talented sister Ezabella. 😀

And last but not least a photo of the Trapunto necklines of my two new underdresses:


I apologize for the bad quality of the pictures above but I wanted to take some update pictures for my blog while I was packing for Gulf Wars. However, I took plenty good progress pictures of how I made the new Trapunto neckline of this white underdress while I was working at it. 

Btw., some of you might remember my posting about the Trapunto neckline and cuffs which I made for my white silk underdress some years ago: “My 12th century white silk underdress .2 – revisited – Trapunto for the win 🙂“. But this time I tried a slightly different and a little bit easier technique to create the same Trapunto look and took much more pictures of the progress for you…

I will try to post pictures of me wearing my new purple 12th century dress and also more information about how I made the new Trapunto neckline as soon as possible! 😀

Best regards Racaire