My 12th century white silk underdress .2 – revisited – Trapunto for the win :)

2015-11 - Racaire - 12th century underdress - white silk - hand sewn - TrapuntoAnd now it’s definitely time for the second part of my posting about my “12th century white silk underdress project” revisited.

Today I am going to show you more progress pictures of my “12th century white silk underdress” with a focus on some of my details for this project like the keyhole neckline, the Trapunto work at the keyhole neckline and my Trapunto sleeve cuffs.

Originally I intended to post all remaining progress pictures of this project today like the pictures of the decorated silk buttons I made for this 12th century underdress project. But as I still have quite many project pictures to share and am sure that this posting will get rather long again, I decided to devote todays posting mostly to the work at the keyhole neckline, the Trapunto work and some other interesting details.

But before I waste more words about the content of todays posting, let’s take a look at my next steps and progress pictures – first you have to endure some detail pictures of the finished top joint of my side gores and then we can directly get to the work at the keyhole neckline and the Trapunto work! Enjoy! 😀 

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I hope you enjoyed todays posting and the pictures of my Trapunto neckline. In the next posting I will show you the progress pictures of my decorated silk buttons… 🙂

Best regards Racaire

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