First 12th/13th century inspired block printing stamp finished! – Romanesque teardrop stamp .1

2017-12-07 - 12th century stamp - 13th century stamp - block printing - medieval patterns - SCA - medieval printing - romanesque teardrop stamp…and so it finally begins – a new stamp for my next medieval inspired block printing project is cut and mounted! Romanesque teardrop stamp for the win!

And I already can’t wait to cut the next stamp as the 12th/13th century pattern which I want to reproduce and play with is calling for a set of at least two stamps. And not only that, I also have my eye already set on a third pattern which is quite similar in its outer appearance. I bet that this third medieval pattern would look lovely when added to this growing repertoire of what I started to call “romanesque teardrop stamps”. Yes, one can definitely say for sure that I’ve fallen in love with block printing. And this craft is so amazing and inspiring – I already found several inspiring medieval print patterns with which I would love to play. Yes, the possibilities of this craft appear to be endless. 🙂

It feels like a whole new world opened up to me which will allow me to take my game and garb one step further. And I can say for sure that this is just the beginning – especially when it comes to block printing stamps of bigger size. Many more stamps are soon to come as my husband already made sure that I have more than plenty block printing ink in many different colors as well as several linoleum pads for the upcoming projects.I can’ t tell you how tremendously excited I am about a far more decorated and hopefully also much more colorful future… Omg… So many possibilities concerning garb and wallhangings and and and…. I will print them all – or, well, let’s say – I’ll print most of it. And then just imagine all the lovely embroidery I can embellish it with… OMG! Pearls… beads… gold threads… just to mention a few exciting possibilities… 😉 *lol*

This amazing and positive rush due to the sudden flow of inspiration accompanied by a wave of enthusiasm is stunningly breathtaking in a good way. Especially as moments like these are – believe it or not – kinda rare for me. Well, let me rephrase that – they just don’t happen often enough for my taste… It certainly keeps me thinking, planning and on my toes. Unfortunately a normal day has just not enough hours to do all the things I’d love to as my mind keeps on coming up with project ideas and throwing them on me. Yes, spare time is limited, therefore I try to chose my next steps wisely. I know, that might sound odd but my creative chaos – especially paired with such an overflow of inspiration – can be overwhelming at times; even for me. But it is a good feeling to be floated with inspiration again as I was feeling a little bit down and out of power recently. I think I really needed this new spark which re-ignited my creative flame. And my brain is quite “rotating” as it wants to stamp ALL the fabrics and to make new garments for my husband and I. It might sound odd but before my inner eye I can already envision these cloths – somehow clouded though but clear enough to be restless until I get them out of my imagination and make them become reality.

Please forgive my overwhelming enthusiasm but I am thrilled and ready to get started. Apropos getting started – in my last posting “…a new 12th century project in the making…“, I already wrote about the idea leading up to this new project. And I am very excited to be able to show you the very first stamp resulting from this initial idea – enjoy! 😀

2017-12-07 - 12th century stamp - 13th century stamp - block printing - medieval patterns - SCA - medieval printing - romanesque teardrop stamp

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Ok, I think that’s enough about my new, medieval inspired block printing project for now. I hope that I will be able to show you my second romanesque teardrop stamp as well as my first printing results with those two medieval inspired stamps soon… 😀

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