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Gulf Wars preparation & great news for my husband… :D

Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow!
My husband was asked to join the order of the chivalry during court at War college in Alabama! 😀

It already happened more than a week ago but – gosch – this awesome news still seems so amazing and unreal to me. Like it is just too good to be true. And being the natural skeptic that I am, I might actually not believe it until it really happens… We will see… And… Omg! Omg! Omg! 

Well, sure, I hoped that this day would come eventually but when it finally happened, it completely blindsided me. I can not even imagine how surprised and excited my sweetheart was… And the way I got to know about it was quite funny and has a good potential to become one of the funny stories told around fire pits during SCA events….

On Friday before the event, I got up quite early to go to work and realized that my throat did hurt a little, my voice was quite scratchy and my nose congested. During the foregoing days I tried to get rid of my slight cold but now I knew for sure that instead of being rid of it, it just got worse. Knowing that the upcoming event would be a camping event and that it would be quite cold, I had to do the adult thing and stay at home.

Well, sure, I was everything else than excited, as you can imagine. All my things were already packed and just waiting to be loaded into the van. But I had to do the right thing – it was much better to stay at home and to try to cure the cold instead of going to the event and risk that it might much worse. With a heavy heart I woke my husband up, gave him a goodbye kiss and told him not to wait until I come home from work as I wasn’t able to accompany him to the event…

And then it was simply a weekend like so many else, just without my sweetheart. I was counting the hours until he would come home while enjoying some movies and working at my super secret embroidery project. Ok, I admit it, not completely the same as if it would have been with him at home as the movie choice and language selection was completely up to my pleasure… *giggle*

Then, on Saturday evening, I put my embroidery aside for some time. I wanted to surprise my husband with one of my favorite slow cooker dishes – “Marroccan chicken with salt pickled lemons” – as he is always pretty hungry when he comes home from an event. And as this dish takes some time, I better started cooking so I could get back to my embroidery…

I browned the chicken legs and set them into the slow cooker, chopped a lot of onion and browned it, mixed in the spices, chopped the salt pickled lemons and added them too, filled the slow cooker with home made turkey broth and added some more spices… And when it was all done, I only wanted to sit down again, enjoy my couch, the movie and my embroidery as my slow cooker would do all the cooking from now on…

I just sat down as I realized that I was getting a video call from my husband via facebook on my mobil phone. “That’s odd…”, I thought to myself, “…he must have butt dialed me.”, as he had never ever used the video call option of the facebook messenger. So I simply ended the call and disregarded it. But then, just some seconds later, a telephone call came in too. My first reaction was literally “What the h…?!?” and I answered my phone.

Well, answering it might be a little bit too much in this case – it was more like a quite confused “Yeeeesssss?!?….” followed by the longest break ever – well, at least it felt that long… And instead of hearing the voice of my sweetheart someone else on the other side countered with “Racaire?”. Well, as it turned out just a little bit later, it was Barthelemy, Our King, informing me that my sweetheart was just asked to join the order of chivalry. Well, yeah, I was speechless. I really don’t remember anything I said from this point on but my reaction must have been priceless as I still recall the laughter in the background.

Well, yeah, that’s the story of how I got to know that my sweetheart would join the order of the chivalry within the SCA. *giggle*

…and for those among you who are not familiar with the SCA:
The order of the chivalry / knighthood is the highest award and reward for a (heavy) fighter within the SCA. It displays the great skill of the fighter concerning “heavy fighting”/”SCA armoured combat” as well as his/her skill concerning teaching, chivalry,…

And now my sweetheart is very busy planning his vigil and elevation which will take place at Gulf Wars. Yeah, Gulf Wars, the event were my husband and I met 5 years ago at the “deadly seven sins party”. It is just some weeks away and has the potential to be more epic than ever… But there is so little time left and I have to finish his knighting scroll, a scroll for a very special tournament taking place at Gulf Wars and a super secret embroidery project I can’t really talk about now…

Yeah, Gulf Wars is sooooo close – and though I am tremendously looking forward to it, as it is my most favorite event ever, I am also quite frightened that I might not have enough time to complete all my projects. Please keep your fingers crossed that I can finish my major projects in time and might even find some time to sew something new for my husbands vigil and elevation… Well, last minute projects for the win – it’s an old tradition too many of us know far too well and it’s also a very long drive for us – I think I might spent it sewing on a last minute project anyway while my sweetheart is driving. But well, what shall I say, he is used to that… 😉

Best regards Racaire