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Scriptorium – working on the scroll for the “Rose Tournament” at Gulf Wars and some new blank scrolls… :D

2017-02 - Racaire - scriptorium - rose tournament scroll progress - Gulf Wars - illumination - SCA…and now, that I got the “ok” to share my current project with you, I can spill the news and reveal what I was working on during the last days:

The scroll for the
“Rose Tournament”
at Gulf Wars! 😀

Though being asked to provide the scroll for the winner of the “Rose Tournament” at Gulf Wars – a very prestigious and great tournament – was quite a surprise for me, I felt very honored and immediately agreed to take on this task. And knowing that some of my dear friends as well as my husband will take part in this tournament – either as fighter or inspiring “rose” (former queens within the SCA who joined the Order of the Rose after their reign was over) – makes this special scroll assignment a very sweet task for me. But don’t worry – I am a quite “professional” scribe of the Kingdom of Meridies who is not biased and I promise to use my best hand to insert the name of the winner, whoever it might be… 😉

Sometimes it takes a little bit longer to find the inspiration for a scroll but as soon as I got to know about this scroll assignment, I already had an idea. Yeah, at times inspiration can strike very fast and I was definitely in the mood for some Manesse inspired artwork.

Given the purpose of the scroll – for the winner of the Rose tournament – and the sponsors – the Order of the Rose & our lovely Queen Oda – I immediately found some artwork which was ideal for my project. And after several days of drawing, painting and working out details, I am very happy to say that I just finished the main top part of the scroll:

2017-02 - Racaire - scriptorium - rose tournament scroll progress - Gulf Wars - illumination - SCA

Well, I have to admit that I struggled a bit with the faces of the ladies at first but, after getting some new fine brushes and a short break, I was finally able to finish them to my satisfaction. And though it might not look like a lot of work, it took me several days to finish this section. Yes, the details take a lot of time… 🙂 

…and now let’s take a closer look at the details:


I hope you enjoy the progress so far as much as my husband and I do. 😀

2017-02_Racaire_scriptorium_blanksAnd after finishing the work at the top section of the scroll, I will add the calligraphy next and then the surrounding border embellishment. But before my nib touches the pergamenata of this quite special tournament scroll, I have to “warm up” my hand a little.

Yeah, I admit it, I got a little bit “rusty” during the last months as I was busy working on an embroidery project and therefore haven’t practiced my calligraphy much. However, I can easily take care of this problem by simply practicing my hand on some blank scrolls with finished artwork I got some time ago…

And here they are – the first two scroll blanks on which I added my calligraphy in order to practice and “warm up” my hand:


The artwork on the scroll above was done by Isabella de Boyce. It is a blank scroll for the “Order of the Cygnet”. Initially it should have gotten the text for the “Cygnet’s nest” award but I overlooked the “nest” when I picked the text and copied the “Cygnet” award text by accident. Well, yeah, mistakes like this can happen from time to time… 


…and I also finished the calligraphy on a “Guiding Hand” award, which you can see on the picture above. The artwork on this scroll was done by Rhonwyn Alyna Nic an Chrosam (?).

But this is enough of a break for now – I have to get something to eat and then back to my desk to do a little bit more calligraphy practice to remove the tension in my fingers… *sigh* There is still so much to accomplish before Gulf Wars and just so little time as my husband tends to remind me nearly daily… 

Best regards Racaire