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Scriptorium – Sir Hrothgar’s knighting scroll – given out at the Meridian Grand Tournament

2014-10 - Racaire - Hrothgars knighting scroll - SCA scroll - Calligraphy

Today I proudly present to you the very first knighting scroll I ever made. The knighting scroll was made for Hrothgar’s knighting and was given to him at the Meridian Grand Tournament event last weekend. 😀

First I was a little bit concerned about the daring design with which I came up for the scroll. But now, that the knighting scroll is finished, I have to say that I am very pleased with the final look. I really love it when a plan comes together. 🙂

…and now some detail photos of the knighting scroll for you – enjoy! 🙂


At the picture above you can see all of Sir Hrothgar’s previous SCA achievements and awards. This awards are called the “Argent Shield”, the “Meridian Comet”, the “Meridian Cross” and the “Legion of the Bear”. The very last field on the right with the white belt  represents his elevation to the knighthood within the SCA. 🙂

…and now some detail photos of my calligraphy for you. 🙂


I used “Calli – Jet Black India 010 – Non-clogging, pigmented, waterproof calligraphy ink” from the company “Daler-Rowney Ltd.” for the black calligraphy. This ink works very well on pergamenata as well as on normal paper. As far as I remember I got this ink at Hobby-Lobby (a rather big Arts and Craft supply shop here) and I really like working with it. 🙂

And for the red calligraphy, which you can see on the picture above, I used a red ink which I recently discovered at Hobby-Lobby. It is “Dr. Ph. Martin’s – Bombay Red India Ink”. Normally I use “Zeichentusche 29-731 – Karmin” from the company Rohrer & Klingner Leipzig-Co.” for my red calligraphy but I wanted to try out my new find.


And last but not least – the gold paint. I used “Finest Artists’ Calligraphy Gouache – 27870 – gold pearl” from the company “Schmincke” for the parts painted with gold paint.

Though this paints are really quite expensive, I like the “Finest Artists’ Calligraphy Gouache” paints from “Schmincke” a lot. The pigments of this paints are very fine and it is a fun to paint with them. I really hope that I can get them here in the states too as far as I run out of one of my major colors.



If you like my calligraphy style and would like to try it yourself, you are hearty welcome to download my personal Batarde cheating sheets and to try the Batarde hand yourself. You can find the download link for my Batarde cheating sheets here: Scriptorium 😀

Best regards Racaire