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Scriptorium – new scrolls for the Kingdom of Meridies… :)

2015 Racaire - Legion of the Bear - SCA scroll - SCA award - calligraphyAfter all the embroidery for the 14th century hood for my friends Pelican elevation, I had the feeling like I needed a short break from needle and thread. Therefore I decided to practice my Batarde hand again and to make some new scrolls for my new Kingdom – the Kingdom of Meridies.

In order to “warm up” my hand again after such a long time, I made several quite basic scrolls. Taking a look at my very last scroll, I think that the recent practice was quite successful and I am even more excited about the fact that this “Order of the Legio Ursi” scroll – which you can see on the picture on the left – will go to a friend of mine. I really hope that she likes her Legion of the Bear scroll. 😀

And here the other scrolls which I made during the last days:



I think that I could say that the last days were quite “productive” – so far I made:

2 Award of Arms,
2 Order of the Legio Ursi,
1 Order of the Meridian Cross,
1 Order of the Guiding Hand,
3 Order of the Argent Comet,
and 4 order of the Argent Shield scrolls.

13 scrolls so far and I am even thinking about challenging myself to create 100 scrolls before the end of the year. Well, you know me, I like goals which challenge me… 😉

And now let’s take a closer look at my most recent scroll for the “Legion of the Bear” – enjoy! 😀


The small picture of George slaying the dragon is inspired by an actual calligraphy from 1541:

“…a very rare pen and ink decoration of George slaying the dragon on a manorial court roll from Great Waltham, dating from 1541.”

You can find a lot of interesting information about this beautiful and rare pen and ink decoration as well as pictures of the actual calligraphy at “The blog of the Essex Record Office, the storehouse of Essex historySt. George and the dragon

And in case you would like to try this hand yourself, my personal “Batarde cheating sheets” can be downloaded here: Scriptorium

This time I also took some pictures of my work station – here a picture of the “calligraphy table” my sweetheart made for me:


…and a look at it from the side:


Well, sure, my work table on top of the living room table it is not the most professional set up but it definitely works. The calligraphy table my sweetheart made me is anyway far too big for the table in my sewing and crafting room but I really can’t complain about it after I looked up the prices for professional drawing tables.

Apropos living room table:


…my chaos has definitely some type of system in it! 😉 

Btw., I have not only worked at scrolls during the last days, I also already prepared several pictures for the posting about how I embroidered the Knighthood belts for the 14th century hood for my friends Pelican elevation and made also some good progress concerning my 12th century blue silk wedding dress project… But more about this later… 🙂

Best regards Racaire