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Scriptorium – another Grant of Arms… :)

2016-05 - Racaire - SCA - scriptorium - Grant of Arms - calligraphy - SCA scroll - pergamenataWooohoooo! Another one of my SCA scrolls – a “Grant of Arms” – was recently given out in court!

…and I would love to send out a hearty congratulation to its recipient: Engelbrecht Wandelber! It was a true honor for me to create your scroll! 😀

Well, as you might already know, I normally create a lot of SCA scroll blanks in order to practice my Batarde hand as well as for my own, personal pleasure. But from time to time I also get a scroll commission for a personalized scroll. I really love this scroll commissions as creating a very special scroll for a very special person is always a great fun for me.

Whenever I receive a scroll commission, I normally know pretty soon what I kind of scroll I want to create for the recipient. Well, normally – unless it is a scroll for my dear sweetheart, then inspiration seems to hide for quite some time as the Grant of Arms scroll which I still owe him proves…

However, after I got the name of the recipient of this scroll, his coat of arms and that he would prefer a scroll in German, I actually knew very fast what I kind of scroll I wanted to do for him. I really liked the idea to keep the scroll rather simple. This way I was able to focus and emphasize the calligraphy as well as his coat of arms. Well, you know, I love to play with details and to try out new little embellishments…

2016-05 - Racaire - SCA - scriptorium - Grant of Arms - calligraphy - SCA scroll - pergamenata

And I am really glad to say that the finished Grant of Arms scroll looked even better than I initially envisioned it. Though I tried to keep the overall appearance of this Grant of Arms as close as possible to my favorite and rather simple “document style”, the added flourishes really seem to add a certain level of playfulness. And the coat of arms at the bottom, decorated with an embellishment which was inspired by period heraldic artwork, seems to add just the right amount of color to the scroll…

Yeah, I really fell in love with my most recent Grant of Arms scroll and it was definitely hard to let go of it. However, I am very happy that it finally found its way to it’s worthy recipient and I am quite sure that it is in good hands now… 🙂

Best regards Racaire