Scriptorium – a sable sword for my husband and other new scrolls for the Kingdom of Meridies :)

Finally, after sooooo many days, my new computer arrived today and I am able again to work at new postings for my blog. And to celebrate this new beginning as well as my new laptop, I would like to start my very first posting and show you something I am really very proud of – the “Sable Sword” scroll I made for my husband:

2016-05 - Racaire - sable sword - Kingdom of Meridies - scroll - calligraphy - SCAIt took several days to work out the outlines, add all the paint and small details. I really think that I never worked as hard and long on a scroll as on this “Sable Sword” scroll for my husband. But when I think back to the day when he finally received his “Sable Sword” award and realized that his “Grant of Arms” scroll at which I was working for several days was actually a “Sable Sword” award for him, I can say that it was definitely worth it. The expression on his face was priceless! *lol* Continue reading

Scriptorium – and again new scrolls for the Kingdom of Meridies :)

2016-03 - Racaire - Scriptorium - new scrolls - 14th century scroll - calligraphy - SCAAnd again new scrolls for the kingdom! 😀

Now, after finally finding a certain name and award in the court records of the Kingdom of Meridies, I can finally post the pictures of my last scroll commissions because I can say for sure that the last award was announced and given out in court… 🙂

Well, yes, as a scribe I know about the great importance of being able to keep a secret as no scribe wants to spoil the surprise as well as the experience of the recipient who gets the award…
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Scriptorium – new scrolls for the Kingdom of Meridies… :)

2015 Racaire - Legion of the Bear - SCA scroll - SCA award - calligraphyAfter all the embroidery for the 14th century hood for my friends Pelican elevation, I had the feeling like I needed a short break from needle and thread. Therefore I decided to practice my Batarde hand again and to make some new scrolls for my new Kingdom – the Kingdom of Meridies.

In order to “warm up” my hand again after such a long time, I made several quite basic scrolls. Taking a look at my very last scroll, I think that the recent practice was quite successful and I am even more excited about the fact that this “Order of the Legio Ursi” scroll – which you can see on the picture on the left – will go to a friend of mine. I really hope that she likes her Legion of the Bear scroll. 😀

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My secret scroll commission for a friend – another Award of Arms scroll

Recently I not only completed a knighting scroll, vigil pages for a vigil book and some Award of Arms blank scrolls, I also worked at a small surprise for a good friend of mine.
He already saw his new scroll, therefore I can give away the secret and show you my most recent Award of Arms scroll – enjoy!

another Award of Arms scroll - Secret scroll commission for a friend - calligraphy - Bastarda - Batarde

This new Award of Arms scroll will replace my friends old scroll which unfortunately burnt in a house fire. Gwen and Seth, the royal majesties at the time when he was awarded with the Award of Arms, were already so nice to sign it. Now we are just waiting for some royal seals from the current Royal Majesties of Meridies to finish and to deliver the scroll.

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Scriptorium – new AoA blank scrolls for Meridies… :)

You maybe remember my recent posting with the sneak peek at my calligraphy work for the vigil book for a friend. And today I have even more calligraphy for you – I just finished three new AoA blank scrolls for the SCA kingdom of Meridies. 😀

Scriptorium – new AoA blank scrolls for Meridies - calligraphy - Bastarda - Batarde - hand writing

While I was working at my calligraphy for the vigil book, I had so much fun that I decided to practice my Batarde/Bastarda hand a little more. Therefore I started working at an AoA blank scroll. Well, doing calligraphy again after such a long time felt so great that I finally created three new AoA blank scrolls. 🙂

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