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My secret scroll commission for a friend – another Award of Arms scroll

Recently I not only completed a knighting scroll, vigil pages for a vigil book and some Award of Arms blank scrolls, I also worked at a small surprise for a good friend of mine.
He already saw his new scroll, therefore I can give away the secret and show you my most recent Award of Arms scroll – enjoy!

another Award of Arms scroll - Secret scroll commission for a friend - calligraphy - Bastarda - Batarde

This new Award of Arms scroll will replace my friends old scroll which unfortunately burnt in a house fire. Gwen and Seth, the royal majesties at the time when he was awarded with the Award of Arms, were already so nice to sign it. Now we are just waiting for some royal seals from the current Royal Majesties of Meridies to finish and to deliver the scroll.

Well, I know, this is only a drop in the ocean for someone who lost so much. But I hope this new Award of Arms scroll will show him how much we care for him and remind him of his special moment during court. You know, often the small things in a friendship and the effort you put into them are the meaningful things in life which count.

Best regards Racaire