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…another sneak peek at my Klosterstich embroidery .2

2014-10 - Racaire - Klosterstich - cloister stitch - medieval rose - hand embroidery - medieval embroidery - sneak-peekAnd another sneak peek at my most recent embroidery for you. 😀

During the last evenings I also found some time to work at my Klosterstich embroidery. I managed to fill all of the outer petal sections of my 14th century inspired rose pattern with Klosterstich embroidery.

Now I just need to fill the background with even more embroidery. Anyway, I think it already looks very lovely and I just decided what I will use it for… 🙂

And here a sneak peek for you at my most recent progress concerning my 14th century inspired rose worked in Klosterstich embroidery – enjoy! 😀

2014-10_Racaire_Klosterstich-rose_sneak-peek_outer-part-1I think the dark red really makes the inner part shine. But you know, the appearance can slightly change with every color added. Also the colors used for the outlines are very important for the final look. 🙂

…and here a sneak peek at the final design I came up with for this embroidery:


I think this 14th century inspired rose and the background pattern will look very beautiful once the sections are filled completely with embroidery, won’t it… 🙂

And now you might ask what I will use it for. Well, I decided to make another lovely, round 14th century inspired reliquary box. This time with a 14th century inspired rose on top worked in Klosterstich embroidery. The proper 14th century embroidery technique for a beautiful 14th century inspired technique. 😀

Best regards Racaire

If you would like to try this technique and/or pattern yourself you can download the rose pattern and the Klosterstich embroidery handout here:

– Klosterstich embroidery handout –
– 14th century rose pattern –