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Scriptorium – and again new scrolls for the Kingdom of Meridies :)

2016-03 - Racaire - Scriptorium - new scrolls - 14th century scroll - calligraphy - SCAAnd again new scrolls for the kingdom! 😀

Now, after finally finding a certain name and award in the court records of the Kingdom of Meridies, I can finally post the pictures of my last scroll commissions because I can say for sure that the last award was announced and given out in court… 🙂

Well, yes, as a scribe I know about the great importance of being able to keep a secret as no scribe wants to spoil the surprise as well as the experience of the recipient who gets the award…

And, after all the necessary confidentiality, I am now more than happy to share my most recent scroll commission – a “Meridian Majesty” scroll – with you:

2016-03 - Racaire - new scrolls - Meridian-Majesty - 14th century - calligraphy - SCA

Though my calligraphy as well as my scroll artwork normally aim for a later period style, I just couldn’t resist to take on a scroll commission for a 14th century scroll. After searching through my books about period illumination, I soon run into two beautiful examples of 14th century illumination, which I combined into the artwork you can see on the picture above. To imitate the calligraphy style of this period, I made the decision to slightly alter my Batarde hand to get as close as possible to the 14th century calligraphy without having to learn a new hand. And what shall I say – I am still very excited about the end result… 🙂

…and here my second scroll commission – a “Grant or Arms” scroll in German:

2016-03 - Racaire - GoA-German - new scrolls - Grant of Arms - callighraphy - SCA

I think the difference between my normal Batarde hand (the German Grant of Arms scroll above) and the one I used to imitate the 14th century style for the 14th century “Meridian Majesty” scroll is quite evident. It’s quite remarkable how some slight changes in a hand can make such a great difference.

And I also delivered three blank scrolls – one “Award of Arms” scroll:

2016-03 - Racaire - AoA - Award of Arms - new scrolls - calligraphy - SCA

…and one “Argent Shield” scroll:

2016-03 - Racaire - Argent-Shield - calligraphy - new scrolls - SCA

Btw., the penwork for the two scrolls above – the beast as well as the two warriors – was again inspired by one of my most favorite artists: Albrecht Dürer

Well, to be honest – it is always quite a personal challenge for me to “copy” his beautiful artwork. However, when I am in the right mood and find something that really inspires me to create a scroll, I take on the task and try my best. 🙂

…and last but not least, I also made an “Argent Comet” scroll:

2016-03 - Racaire - Argent-Comet - new scrolls - calligraphy - SCA

Btw. the W-initial for the scroll above was inspired by a period document… 🙂

And though I again managed to finish several new scrolls for the kingdom, I still need to find some inspiration for my husbands “Grant of Arms” scroll. Please wish me luck – I need to find some inspiration soon as my sweetheart is slowly getting more and more impatient…

Best regards Racaire