12th century belt for my 12th century wedding dress – pearl embroidery .4

2015-12 - Racaire - 12th century belt - pearl embroideryAnd today – last but not least – I will show you the final progress pictures of the pearl embroidery for my 12th century belt project! 🙂

Even though I was tremendously looking forward to finishing this quite important embellishment step for my project, I couldn’t help the feeling of a certain amount of sadness as soon as I attached the last pearls to the surface of my new 12th century belt.

Well, pearl embroidery per se is definitely very satisfying and also a little bit addictive because it enables very beautiful enrichment of nearly every embroidery project in a rather short time. Furthermore it is also a very nice feeling when a project doesn’t take forever until some good progress can be achieved… 😉

…and talking about pearl embroidery progress – I think you will like the last progress pictures of my pearl embroidery for my 12th century belt project – enjoy! 😀

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I hope you enjoyed the pictures of my finished pearl embroidery for my very first 12th century belt. Now I have to determine what kind of string I want to create to be able to wear it but this is the topic of another posting… 😉

Best regards Racaire

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