Meridian Grand Tournament – 09.2017 – photos are online! :D

2017-10_Racaire_MGT_1We are back from another awesome SCA event – the Meridian Grand Tournament!

Like in the years before, we had a terrific time. I got to watch my husband fight in several tournaments as well as in the grand final tournament. We got to hang out with dear “old” friends and new friends which we just met. Yeah, my sweetheart and I enjoyed ourselves tremendously. And what makes this already amazing day even better is that Our beloved Majesties decided to bestow a “Grant of Arms” upon me during court.

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Meridian Grand Tournament – fighting, banners and more photos…

2016-09 - Racaire - MGT - Meridian Grand Tournament - Conrad vom Schwarzwald and Sir LexWhile writing yesterdays posting about the Meridian Grand Tournament I got so excited that I completely forgot about the other photos and links I wanted to share with you. But postponed is not abandoned! This minor mistake can be easily corrected by writing just another posting with the Meridian Grand Tournament as its main topic.

…and after this posting we can finally return to my (more or less) regular program of “embroidery, needlework and sewing”.
Ok, there might be also some more calligraphy too if the right mood strikes me and I decide to get my nibs and ink out. Well, who knows what the future brings… 😉
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Meridian Grand Tournament – the Order of the Velvet Owl and other great things…

Seeing my scroll for the Armatura tournament go to a worthy and excited recipient was not my only highlight at the Meridian Grand Tournament this very last weekend. So many awesome and memorable things happened throughout the whole day. And being admitted into the Order of the Velvet Owl of my beloved home, the Kingdom of Meridies, was definitely the most amazing surprise for me on this day.

Here a beautiful shot of this very special moment which I got to share with three other friends who were also admitted to the Order of the Velvet Owl:

2016-09 - MGT - Meridian Grand Tournament - Racaire - OVO - Order of the Velvet Owl - SCA - OVO award - SCA court

The picture above was taken by Becky Cullen.
Becky, thank you very much for this lovely memory!

…and if you would like to also take a look at the other pictures Becky Cullen took at the Meridian Grand Tournament, they can be found here on facebook: Meridian Grand Tournament 2016

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Scriptorium – Meridian Grand Tournament – a scroll for the winner of the Armatura

2016-09 - Racaire - MGT - Meridian Grand Tournament - Legio Ursi - Legion of the Bears - Armatura tournament - scrollLast but not least I have the pleasure to present to you my scroll for the winner of the Armatura tournament!

Wow! The last weekend was truly amazing!
My husband and I travelled to Tennessee – to the Meridian Grand Tournament – and brought a rather special package to the event. It was a scroll for the winner of the Armatura tournament sponsored by the “Order of the Legio Ursi” / “Legion of the Bear”.

But first things first… As some of you might already know, is my husband a proud member of the “Legion of the Bear”, as well as some other dear friends of mine. Therefore I was really excited when I got the commission to create the scroll for the Armatura tournament sponsored by the “Legio Ursi”.
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I am back! …and catching-up with photos from MGT / Meridian Grand Tournament & more…

2015-09-26_Racaire_Meridian-Grand-Tournament_1Yes, I am finally back! Not only from the most recent SCA event – the Meridian Grand Tournament / MGT – but also back to normal life. Ok, I admit it, more or less normal due to mundane standards but at least what I would call normal… 😉

The last weeks and especially the last days before the Meridian Grand Tournament were really intense for me. I was absolutely determined to finish my 14th century hood project with the symbols for the honorable Orders of the Chivalry and the Pelican for my dear friends Pelican elevation and therefore spent nearly every waking hour embroidering.

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Scriptorium – Sir Hrothgar’s knighting scroll – given out at the Meridian Grand Tournament

2014-10 - Racaire - Hrothgars knighting scroll - SCA scroll - Calligraphy

Today I proudly present to you the very first knighting scroll I ever made. The knighting scroll was made for Hrothgar’s knighting and was given to him at the Meridian Grand Tournament event last weekend. 😀

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My photos – MGT – Meridian Grand Tournament

I think I can say that I was really very “productive” during the most recent SCA event Meridian Grand Tournament this last weekend. The battery packs of my dslr camera were fully charged, I was in a really great mood and enjoyed taking photos a lot. Yes, I think that over 1.300 photos – mostly taken at one day – can be called veryyyyy productive… 😉

Racaire - MGT - Meridian Grand Tournament - SCA - Society for creative Anachronism - photosThe fact that my sweetheart was fighting for me in the tournament might have contributed to my great mood. However, it was a great fun for me to take pictures of my lord who was fighting for me and also to “capture” some of the very special moments around me throughout the event. 😀
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The knighting at the Meridian Grand Tournament – my very first video :D

Racaire Meridian Grand TournamentI enjoyed the recent weekend at the SCA event Meridian Grand Tournament tremendously but it feels great to be back home again. 😀

It took some time – several loads of laundry as well as many things which had to be put back to their “between-event-places” – but finally I feel like I am back home again.

I brought many photos with me from the Meridian Grand Tournament. However, I decided to start my very first posting after this beautiful event with a small surprise and novelty for you – with something I haven’t done before. Yes, I just uploaded my very first short video on youtube! 🙂

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And this weekend… heading to MGT – Meridian Grand Tournament :)

Racaire - SCA kingdom of Meridies - MGT 2012 - Meridian Grand Tournament 2012And this weekend I am heading to another awesome SCA event held inside the borders of the mighty and beautiful Kingdom of Meridies –  to the “Meridian Grand Tournament”. 🙂

Everything is packed – the tent, the bed, my painted backgammon board, the scrolls I recently completed and even another new AoA scroll which I completed yesterday, as well as a lot of more or less useful stuff… *lol*

I even packed some books I already wanted to read for a rather long time, which contain some valuable informations for my upcoming wedding clothing project. Well, just in case I find some time for it… 😉

However, I am very looking forward to a great weekend at the Meridian Grand Tournament – filled with fighting, a knighting vigil and knighting ceremony of a friend and more… and to see many good friends I haven’t seen for quite a long time.

My dslr camera is also packed and I made sure that the batteries are charged and full. I will try to take some nice pictures for you throughout the event. 🙂

I hope to see some of you at the Meridian Grand Tournament and
wish all of you a beautiful weekend! 😀

Best regards Racaire