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Meridian Grand Tournament – the Order of the Velvet Owl and other great things…

Seeing my scroll for the Armatura tournament go to a worthy and excited recipient was not my only highlight at the Meridian Grand Tournament this very last weekend. So many awesome and memorable things happened throughout the whole day. And being admitted into the Order of the Velvet Owl of my beloved home, the Kingdom of Meridies, was definitely the most amazing surprise for me on this day.

Here a beautiful shot of this very special moment which I got to share with three other friends who were also admitted to the Order of the Velvet Owl:

2016-09 - MGT - Meridian Grand Tournament - Racaire - OVO - Order of the Velvet Owl - SCA - OVO award - SCA court

The picture above was taken by Becky Cullen.
Becky, thank you very much for this lovely memory!

…and if you would like to also take a look at the other pictures Becky Cullen took at the Meridian Grand Tournament, they can be found here on facebook: Meridian Grand Tournament 2016

Like every other award given out in the SCA, the admittance into the Order of the Velvet Owl also came with a very lovely scroll:

Artwork by Master Tom Saucer, calligraphy by Mistress Mara Palmer.

The beautiful artwork on the scroll above was done by Master Tom Saucer. And the calligraphy shows the gorgeous hand of Mistress Mara Palmer. I am very looking forward to finding a suitable frame for this lovely scroll. 😀

But wait! There is more! This award came with regalia – a stunning pouch which was made and embroidered by my friend Mistress Catelin The Wanderer!

Embroidery by Mistress Catelin The Wanderer.
Embroidery by Mistress Catelin The Wanderer.

In lack of sufficient words which would even come close to properly describe how happy this award, the scroll and the pouch made me, I would like to leave it with following:
Damn, you rock guys! You really got me! I am still completely stunned! I love y’all! 😀

This was a perfect way to end a great day. A day filled with friendship, fun and a lot of excitement. I got to see and chat with many new and old friends, I got a “Bear Coin” from the prefect of the Legion of the Bear, my sweetheart did amazing during the tournament and won a spot in the Grand Tournament…

Ok, there was a storm during the Grand Tournament and we all got a little bit soaked. But this storm just proved how awesome we all work together and support each other. And though my sweetheart didn’t win the Grand Tournament, he didn’t mind as he had such a blast fighting all day long…

Well, where so much light is, there is also some shadow… Our tent, which already went through a microburst at Gulf Wars, managed to withstand just another, smaller storm. And though it was still standing after the storm, we discovered that some fabric in a major spot ripped beyond repair. With a heavy heart we made the decision to discard it. But we try to take it as positive as possible and as an opportunity to start looking for a new, more period tent for the future…

…and I am a member of the Order of the Velvet Owl now! I am sooooooooo excited!!!!! Woooohooooo! *morehappybounce*

Best regards Racaire