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The knighting at the Meridian Grand Tournament – my very first video :D

Racaire Meridian Grand TournamentI enjoyed the recent weekend at the SCA event Meridian Grand Tournament tremendously but it feels great to be back home again. 😀

It took some time – several loads of laundry as well as many things which had to be put back to their “between-event-places” – but finally I feel like I am back home again.

I brought many photos with me from the Meridian Grand Tournament. However, I decided to start my very first posting after this beautiful event with a small surprise and novelty for you – with something I haven’t done before. Yes, I just uploaded my very first short video on youtube! 🙂

I nearly forgot that I my “new” Sony dslr can not only take nice pictures but also record videos. Just in time for the last part of (Sir) Hrothgar’s knighting ceremony I remembered that I also could take a video and just started the recording. Enjoy the video of the knighting! 😀

In case the embeded video above doesn’t work – you can find the video on youtube here: Hrothgar’s Knighting at Meridian Grand Tournament 2014

…and now I have to select my favorite photos from the Meridian Grand Tournament event for the next posting. 😀

Best regards Racaire