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And this weekend… heading to MGT – Meridian Grand Tournament :)

Racaire - SCA kingdom of Meridies - MGT 2012 - Meridian Grand Tournament 2012And this weekend I am heading to another awesome SCA event held inside the borders of the mighty and beautiful Kingdom of Meridies –  to the “Meridian Grand Tournament”. 🙂

Everything is packed – the tent, the bed, my painted backgammon board, the scrolls I recently completed and even another new AoA scroll which I completed yesterday, as well as a lot of more or less useful stuff… *lol*

I even packed some books I already wanted to read for a rather long time, which contain some valuable informations for my upcoming wedding clothing project. Well, just in case I find some time for it… 😉

However, I am very looking forward to a great weekend at the Meridian Grand Tournament – filled with fighting, a knighting vigil and knighting ceremony of a friend and more… and to see many good friends I haven’t seen for quite a long time.

My dslr camera is also packed and I made sure that the batteries are charged and full. I will try to take some nice pictures for you throughout the event. 🙂

I hope to see some of you at the Meridian Grand Tournament and
wish all of you a beautiful weekend! 😀

Best regards Racaire