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Racaire’s wedding cloak project – an embroidered patch from the SCA Shire of Phoenix Glade in Meridies :D

And again I have a picture of another beautiful embroidered patch for my 12th century wedding cloak project which I can share with you! 😀

Racaire - 2014 - 12th century wedding cloak - embroidered patch - Racaire featuring Siobhan Love's embroidery

Today I present to you a beautiful hand embroidered patch for my 12th century wedding cloak project by courtesy of lady Siobhan Love.

This patch was hand embroidered by lady Siobhan Love and forwarded to me from the sunny SCA Shire of Phoenix Glade situated in the mighty SCA Kingdom of Meridies. 🙂

About the artisan:

  • Name: Siobhan Love
  • From: Shire of Phoenix Glade / Kingdom of Meridies
    (for non SCA members: Fort Walton Beach, Florida, USA)

And now some details about the artisan and her lovely work:

Siobhan loves to embroider and recently started experimenting with Celtic designs, something she enjoys tremendously. Her SCA group is the Shire of Phoenix Glade in Fort Walton Beach in Florida – a local group within the beautiful Kingdom of Meridies. According to Siobhan it can get pretty hot in Florida. But despite the hot weather the group loves to get together and to share what they know about the Middle Ages.

Thank you very much Siobhan! 
…and hearty greetings to the sunny and hot Florida!

And now a picture of this lovely patch without all the extra text for you – enjoy the beautiful embroidery and get inspired! 😀 


I really enjoy how Siobhan combined all this bright colors – the embroidery appears very vibrant and has a certain shine from within. I really love it! Unfortunately Siobhan didn’t tell me any details about her inspiration or the embroidery techniques she used.

After a close view at the patch, I would say that she used split stitch to fill in the “long” sections and also for the black outlines. Furthermore it also seems like she used satin stitch for the narrow design parts. It is hard to tell because the back of her embroidery is covered up and I can’t examine it any further. However, it is a beautiful embroidery and I am very glad that I can attach this lovely patch to my 12th century wedding cloak. 🙂

This patch is another great example of how a good combination of colors and rather simple embroidery techniques can create a beautiful embroidery. You really don’t need to use fancy or difficult embroidery techniques to create great looking embroidery. I really hope that this patch will inspire you to try out “new” embroidery techniques and to play with them. 😀

This is not the only lovely embroidered patch which I recently received. There are still several other beautifully embroidered patches on my working table and I can’t wait to show them to you. 🙂

Now that I unpacked nearly all of my boxes and start feeling more and more at home, I slowly get my inner peace back and am able to start focusing on future projects again. Hopefully I can decide on a 12th century wedding cloak shape soon and pick a nice material for it – this lovely patches really deserve a beautiful stage where they can shine.

You know, so many projects and so little time – the day unfortunately has just 24hours. However, the 12th century wedding at the SCA event Gulf Wars in March 2014 is fast approaching and I really need to start working at my husbands wedding clothing too. And there is also this small “thank you gift” project at which I am working at the moment and which I want to raffle off between all the nice and gentle people who sent me a patch for my 12th century wedding cloak… 🙂

Yeah, so many projects… – I am busy, very busy at the moment. 😉

Best regards Racaire

PS: You can find more about this wedding cloak project and all the beautiful embroidered patches I got till now here: