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My very first fitted medieval stockings – my first women’s hose – more pictures :D

Racaire medieval stockings - 14th century stockings - woman's hose - tight fitted hand-sewn medieval stockings

Tight fitted medieval stockings are really a great thing. They are not only awesome to wear but they also look great. And well, I am still not done with posting about them… 😉

Some of you might be aware of the fact that our female ancestors not only fought for the right to vote but also fought very hard and over several centuries for the right to wear trousers or short skirts as well as other things which are clothing related. Therefore we are now able to chose freely what we want to wear at a daily basis.

Yes, we are living nowadays in a time when nearly every woman has the right to “expose” her legs as much as she likes without any further thinking. But our relation to female legs was not always like that… 🙂

Seeing all this legs and ankles on a daily basis, we can only imagine their actual attraction during the medieval times. Their appeal in a time when you just rarely got a good view at a female ankle or more, unless the lady wanted you to catch a look at it…

But while wearing a pair of nice fitted medieval stockings underneath your long medieval dress, which caress your feet, you can get somehow a really good feeling of it. If you like, you can discover this special feeling every time you lift your dress a little and show off your sexy ankles. Just being aware of your own naughty behavior makes all the difference in this case. 😉

Might this happen to show off your lovely fitted medieval stockings or your beautifully shaped leg, you can show of both whenever you like. Just be proud of what you have and what you made with your own hands. And well, sometimes you just want to air your dress, when it gets “hot” – at least that’s something you can always pretend… 😉

However, it seems like some of you enjoyed my recent tutorials about how I made my first fitted medieval stockings a lot. I am very looking forward to see many more thight fitted medieval stockings in the future.

And to inspire you even a little bit more, to make your very own tight fitted medieval stockings, I took an additional look through my “old” project folders and found several pictures of my very first medieval stockings project for you – enjoy! 😀

Sewing medieval stockings 5

Above you can see how my whole stockings look like from the front and underneath how they look like from the back before I put on some “garters” and roll them down. You can also see that the top border of my stockings is situated higher on the front then at the back. This works very well and gives some extra play when they are rolled down. 🙂

Sewing medieval stockings 7

And following a side view at my stockings from the left and right side. It shows very well how much higher my stockings are in the front related to the back:

Sewing medieval stockings 6Sewing medieval stockings 8

…and here a picture of the underside of my foot – the sole of my stockings. You maybe remember all my hints concerning this very special and important part of the stocking. This  picture shows greatly how this part looks like as soon as it is finished:

Medieval stockings - bottom

And last but not least two more pictures of my medieval stockings with a cord instead of a “garter” to hold them up and the top part rolled down:

My very first own medieval stockings sewing pattern - my first women's hose revisited

My very first own medieval stockings sewing pattern - my first women's hose revisited

I hope you enjoyed the additional photos of my medieval stockings project – more about medieval stockings will follow soon. 🙂

Best regards Racaire

PS.: You can find the first two parts of my detailed medieval stockings tutorial here: