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My photos – MGT – Meridian Grand Tournament

I think I can say that I was really very “productive” during the most recent SCA event Meridian Grand Tournament this last weekend. The battery packs of my dslr camera were fully charged, I was in a really great mood and enjoyed taking photos a lot. Yes, I think that over 1.300 photos – mostly taken at one day – can be called veryyyyy productive… 😉

Racaire - MGT - Meridian Grand Tournament - SCA - Society for creative Anachronism - photosThe fact that my sweetheart was fighting for me in the tournament might have contributed to my great mood. However, it was a great fun for me to take pictures of my lord who was fighting for me and also to “capture” some of the very special moments around me throughout the event. 😀

And after going through my more than 1.300 photos on monday morning and deleting some of them, I was very glad to see that there were still about 640 photos left which I really liked. I already uploaded this Meridian Grand Tournament photos to my facebook account – you can find them here:

SCA – Meridian Grand Tournament – 09.2014

The settings of the folder and the photos are set to “public” – you shouldn’t have any problems to access them. 🙂

If you prefer Flickr, you should soon be able to access the photos via my Flickr page too. At the moment I am still uploading about 60% my 641 photos to my Flickr account. Unfortunately it seems like it will take at least another hour until the upload is complete.

Nevertheless, like always I put together a small selection of some of my favorite photos for you – enjoy! 😀

2014-09_MGT_01Above you can see the “vigil tent” for Hrothgar’s vigil at the night before his knighting ceremony. I am very glad that I was able to contribute to the lovely overall experience of his vigil tent by providing my embroidered “tricks of the ladies” wallhanging. 😀

2014-09_MGT_02The set-up near the vigil tent was very lovely. Tents illuminated by the nearby fire and just some torches – very beautiful.


Well, there is an old, you could say almost ancient tradition of “last minute sewing and embroidery projects at events” in the SCA – therefore I didn’t really wonder about seeing some ladies working at this embroidery project. As it turned out later at night – this was one of the tourney prices for the winner of the rose tournament at this event. *lol*

Well done ladies, well done! …and it answers the question of how many ladies can successfully work at the embroidery of a banner at one time… 😉


…and talking about Hrothgar, who was knighted at this day, this is my most favorite photo of him. He looks so handsome in his armor and so happy. 😀


Above you can see a picture of my handsome man fighting for me – the one on the right in black and yellow. I really can’t wait until he finishes his 12th century crusader kit and fights in it. 🙂

And now some impressions of the “event site” of the Meridian Grand Tournament – right at the bank of the beautiful Tennessee river. 🙂




I know, you can’t wait to see the knighting scroll I made for Hrothgars knighting as well as the two pages for his vigil book. I promise I will post them next! …but first I need to do some more laundry and housework. 😀

Best regards Racaire

PS.: You can find photos taken at the Meridian Grand Tournament 2012 here on facebook:

SCA – Meridian Grand Tournament 2012 – Sept. 2012

Enjoy! 😀