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Meridian Grand Tournament – 09.2017 – photos are online! :D

2017-10_Racaire_MGT_1We are back from another awesome SCA event – the Meridian Grand Tournament!

Like in the years before, we had a terrific time. I got to watch my husband fight in several tournaments as well as in the grand final tournament. We got to hang out with dear “old” friends and new friends which we just met. Yeah, my sweetheart and I enjoyed ourselves tremendously. And what makes this already amazing day even better is that Our beloved Majesties decided to bestow a “Grant of Arms” upon me during court.

But this is not the only highlight of an already awesome day. Count Dietrich, who won the final tournament, gifted me his light weight great sword. OMG – this is the most awesome light weight great sword I ever picked up in my life and it is mine now!!! *lol* My husband and I were already great fans of Count Dietrich before the event and we are even greater fans now. Needless to say that we had quite a fan moment whenever we got to talk with him and his lady. And I truly have to get my armor ready now so I can use my new great sword – no excuses anymore! 🙂

But enough about my husband and I, let’s enjoy some photos from the event:


Above you can see Their Royal Majesties of the fair Kingdom of Meridies:
King Bryce & Queen Rhiannon.


Above you can see a picture of my friend Günther Wolfferum with his lovely 14th century kit and artwork. He is truly an inspiration!


Above you can see some members of the Order of the Sable Sword ready for participation in the tournament sponsored by their order. And underneath a picture of my husband waiting for his turn in the great weapon tournament.


…and a picture of the participants in the Meridian Grand Tournament as well as Their Royal Majesties and Their Royal Heirs:


…and some random impressions of the surrounding pavilions:


…and many beautiful banners everywhere!


…as well as some pictures of the fighting:



…and my favorite picture of the finals:


Btw. the picture above shows Count Dietrich fighting Duke Kenneth Grey – such a great fight!

If you’d like to see more pictures taken at the Meridian Grand Tournament, please visit my facebook page:

SCA – Kingdom of Meridies – Meridian Grand Tournament 09.2017

…and as I delivered two major projects at MGT, I hope to find much more time for posting about my projects soon. Stay tuned my friends! 😀

Best regards Racaire