To cloth a queen…

2017-10 - Racaire - Your Royal Highness Princess Ysme - SCA - Kingdom of Meridies

Their Royal Highnesses Timothy & Ysmay at the Crown Tournament

As some of you might have already realized, I didn’t post as often as I normally do during the past couple months. As sad this fact made me, I have a really good reason for it. I was working like crazy at a 12th century coronation dress as well as a 12th century coronation underdress for our future Queen, our beloved princess Ysmay.

But first things first. I was quite surprised but at the same time also tremendously happy when I got to know that our future King and Queen wanted to have a 12 th century themed coronation…

When princess Ysmay asked me to make her coronation dress, I felt deeply honored that she deemed me worthy of this task. From the beginning, the wish of her Highness was very clear, she wanted a fitted 12th century bliaut – just like the fitted red silk 12th century bliaut which I made for myself. 

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So far so good – a decision concerning the fabric for the 12th century bliaut was made but what about the underdress… ? I hope you enjoyed my first posting concerning the 12th century coronation dress project for Her Royal Highness, Princess Ysmay. Stay tunned my friends – more about this project is soon to come… 🙂

Best regards Racaire

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