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Sneak peek at some new Klosterstich embroidery :)

Racaire-medieval-embroidery-projects_2014 - Sneak peek at new Klosterstich embroidery - hand embroidery - medieval embroideryAfter all the recent calligraphy projects, I have again a sneak peek at a new Klosterstich embroidery project for you. 🙂

I started working at this new project some days ago. It is still not finished yet but I thought you might enjoy to see some embroidery again. 🙂

I started this new Klosterstich embroidery project in order to put together a detailed Klosterstich hands-on photo tutorial. Therefore I took many close up photos of how I start and do the Klosterstich embroidery while I was working at this new Klosterstich embroidery project.

I will try to put together the Klosterstich hands-on tutorial as soon as possible but until then please enjoy the sneak peek at the new Klosterstich embroidery progress. 😀 


Btw. if you like this rose pattern – I used the rose pattern which I recently posted. You can find and download the pattern for this rose here: Medieval Inspired Embroidery Patterns 🙂

And after the sneak peek at my current Klosterstich embroidery project, I should really start working at my new calligraphy project now – a “Knighting Scroll” for “MGT”. There are just about 3 days left until the SCA event “Meridian Grand Tournament”  starts and I haven’t done anything yet.

I admit it, I am always very hesitant when I have to work at a personal commission – blank scrolls are so much easier to work on. But on the other hand – most of my best scrolls were done under pressure of time… 😀

Best regards Racaire